Stages of obtaining Turkish citizenship

Simple stages of obtaining Turkish citizenship, what are they?

Last Updated: 2022-08-07
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 Simple stages of obtaining Turkish citizenship, what are they ?

Many people have recently become obsessed with obtaining Turkish citizenship, due to the recent economic leap it has made and promises that it will cross the world's borders with it. However, this matter takes place within rules and conditions, and these conditions are not arbitrary or incapacitating, but on the contrary, they are easy to obtain and simple in existence, provided that they do not violate any of them, and in the following words we will have sufficient information about the means of obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Turkish citizenship

What are the first steps to obtain Turkish citizenship:

In the beginning, you have to register the application for Turkish citizenship with the competent official authorities, and then this application is accepted by them, meaning it is not rejected. After that, your file is sent to the department specialized in studying files of this type, and is examined with a comprehensive, non-audited look, and in the next stage the file itself related to the person applying is examined, but in a way that depends on the accuracy of the study without religion, gender, or identity bias, which is a study of the data and conditions of the person applying for citizenship and is evaluated at this stage in a detailed manner that depends on every part that touches his person and his life.

What is the acceptance step issued by the official authorities in the Turkish state regarding granting Turkish citizenship:

Now, after a comprehensive examination of the person applying for citizenship, the name of the applicant is sent to the list of applicants for that nationality, and this matter is subsequently approved by the Council of Ministers in the Republic of Turkey. Later, it is almost the last stage in the process of obtaining citizenship, which is making the final decision about this individual, either accepting or rejecting his request for citizenship, and then informing him of the result of what they decided on him, and if his conditions are appropriate and fulfill all the conditions and elements, he will receive it. But if he has a defect or a problem with one of the conditions laid down or the required papers, he will be rejected, and on this basis the decision is issued, published and communicated to whomever is concerned.

What are the shortest ways to acquire Turkish citizenship without harsh complications:

It is possible to invest your money in Turkish projects if you own them, in this case you are granted Turkish citizenship as a citizen and foreign investor without many difficulties. Of course, some procedures are necessary, but they are not complicated, and you can also obtain Turkish citizenship by employing many employees who work on your own account and in your own property, so in this way you have taken care of the families of these employees you have and guaranteed them a life far from need and social need. So, citizenship is granted within this plan. You can also obtain Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkish lands that is registered in your name legally, but the value of the property must be purchased with a sum of money not less than Four hundred thousand US dollars, or if we want according to the Turkish currency, it is one million and seven hundred Turkish lira. This solution also includes a somewhat logical condition which is that you do not sell this property immediately after you buy it. You have to wait 3 years and you will sign a pledge to this condition. If you violate it, you will be subject to legal accountability or perhaps they will withdraw Turkish citizenship in this case. You can obtain it in a very common way namely marriage to a Turkish or Turkish origin, in this case, you will obtain citizenship with absolute ease. And if you have lived in Turkey for five years continuously without leaving it during this period at all, the Turkish citizenship will also be granted smoothly. There is another possible case, such as if the applicant for Turkish citizenship has a relative person with a very strong degree of kinship and this person has acquired the nationality in advance, s/he grants you citizenship.

Are there identification documents that you are required to bring when you apply for Turkish citizenship:

In the beginning, you must bring an identification document proving that you own the property, in the event that you have decided that you will obtain citizenship based on owning a real estate apartment, and you must also bring a title deed to the property or the apartment that you own, you should bring payment receipts that must be signed and sealed by the bank, your passport must also be translated into the original language in the country, which is the Turkish language, and then it must be stamped by the notary.

This is almost all that is necessary for you to obtain Turkish citizenship easily and smoothly and in ways that we will not be able to include it in the list of incapacitating matters, just as it is your right to obtain Turkish citizenship, so is the case with them, so it is their right to know that you are qualified to own the nationality of their country, and that you will not do things that can threaten the security of the homeland. Moreover,  the required papers are not difficult to bring, as most people always have them in their pocket because they need it in other matters and transactions in their lives and not only in this regard.


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Last Updated::2022-08-07

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