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Brief for İzmir

Izmir, the beauty of Aegean and icon of religious tolerance

Izmir, a bastion of Turkish secularism , and the International Trade Center for thousands of years, known as the Aegean bride and located in the far west of Turkey, the largest Turkish states and the capital of Asian Turkey, it is ranked third, in terms of population, and the general manifestations in the state suggest how affected by the European lifestyle, On the other hand, the Anatolian jewel is considered as a favorite tourist destination for European cruises and you will be seen with a lot of friendliness if you mastered English where you will be treated as a European tourist...Read more

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Asansur Tower is a charming landmark of Izmir
Turkey seeks every day to support tourism and the tourism field in Turkey to raise the country's economy first through tourists visiting the picturesque natural places
Izmir "Bride of the Aegean Sea"
There are many neighborhoods in the state of Izmir in Turkey, where social life, economic projects, and real estate investments are active

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