Real estate residence permit in Turkey 2020-2021

Real estate residence permit in Turkey 2021-2022

Last Updated: 2022-07-20
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Real estate residence in Turkey 2021-2022

Types of residency in Turkey: 

Residence in Turkey by buying a property - tourist residence - student residence - humanitarian residence - family residence - work permit. 

Real estate residence

It is the residence permit that allows a foreigner to reside in Turkey, which is one of his rights and is given to him by the Immigration Department so that he can enter and exit Turkey without a visa, and its condition is that the foreigner be the owner of a property in Turkey. This residence is currently considered one of the strongest in Turkey, with a guarantee of renewal every year for the property owner and his family. 

Many foreigners and Arabs seek to reside in Turkey, and the real estate residence has been a great opportunity for investors as he obtains a residence because of buying a property in Turkey and at the same time they can benefit from the property in Turkey in their investment work in particular that Turkey is striving to develop and raise the level of investment in it, especially real estate investment, which in turn leads to a significant increase in the level of the Turkish economy. 

Documents necessary to obtain real estate residency: 

1. A passport valid for at least six months, translated into Turkish, and certified. 

2. The title deed of the property in Turkey that he bought and which will be given the residency based on his purchase, ie the property title in Turkey. 

3. Special earthquake insurance for Turkey property that will obtain residency due to purchasing DASK. 

4. A family statement for the family of the owner of the property in Turkey, and it must be translated into the Turkish language and certified by the Turkish embassy in his home country. 

5. Finally, health insurance for the family of the owner of the property, one by one. 

But if the ownership is for a company and not a residential property, then you need to add to the previous papers: Documents and passports of the responsible and authorized persons in the company - a translated copy of the passport and certified by a notary - two personal photos - residence addresses with information about the family - real estate registration information - tax number of the company. 

Who is entitled to obtain real estate residency? 

- The owner of the property in Turkey in whose name the property was purchased. 

- And his children who are under eighteen are entitled to obtain real estate residency 

- and his wife (he is not entitled to give residency to his second wife if he is married to more than one wife, because Turkish law does not allow polygamy). 

Steps to obtain residency in Turkey by buying a property: 

First: The required Turkey property must be purchased and the title deed must be obtained to present it. 

Second: An appointment must then be booked to obtain the residency and determine its type (owning a property in Turkey). 

Third: Go to the interview appointment at the Immigration Department building and submit the necessary papers that we mentioned previously. 

Fourth: Paying real estate residency fees. 

Fifth: The residence card is sent via Turkish post (PTT) if the residency is approved. 

Before buying real estate and apartments in Turkey, you should know some laws related to real estate in Turkey. 

1- It is necessary for those wishing to buy real estate in Turkey to make sure that there is a title deed for the property before buying it, so you have to seek the help of experts to ensure the title of the property and its legality. 

2- It is also important to verify the credibility of the construction companies if they decide to buy a property under construction in Turkey. 

3- The total area of ​​Turkey's real estate owned by a foreign investor must not exceed 30 hectares. 

4- Ensure that the property in Turkey is completely free of mortgages, and this matter can be verified in the Land Registry Department. 

5- If the property in Turkey is in an administrative region, the area of ​​the property must not exceed 10% of the area of ​​the administrative region. 

6- If you decide to buy a property in Turkey with the aim of obtaining Turkish citizenship, the first payment of the property value must be at least 400 thousand US dollars or the full payment should be equal to 400 thousand US dollars. 

7- If you choose to buy an apartment in Turkey in installments, you must pay attention to the contract period and know the value of the required payments, in addition to knowing the time required to deliver the payments in full, and by that you have finished the price of the apartment. 

We also advise investors wishing to buy real estate and apartments in Turkey to buy their real estate in construction companies' projects of the government sector for several reasons. 

* When buying a property or a house in Turkey in projects of the government sector, you will ensure the quality of construction, finishes, and the safety of legal procedures, and do not forget the high-end and modern designs that characterize these projects. 

* When buying a property in a residential complex with the Turkish government’s guarantee, you will enjoy many recreational and service facilities and services that provide comfort for you and your family, such as parks, health centers, mosques, schools, sports clubs, places for entertainment .. 

* Real estate prices in government projects are studied. 

* The projects supported by the Turkish government offer you a long-term installment method that extends for years, and of course the first payment will be small, so you will not be forced to pay a large amount. These projects guarantee the delivery of the entire building and the delivery of the title deed to the property buyer in Turkey. 

Very important note: 

Many foreigners and Arabs want to obtain Turkish citizenship, it is worth noting that buying a property in Turkey enables the owner to obtain Turkish citizenship, provided that the value of the property is 400 thousand US dollars or more, which is a very golden opportunity. 


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Last Updated::2022-07-20

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