Quality Policy

Quality standards
Mersat Real Estate management is committed with the quality standards in all its services. It takes care to have its professional team of higher education and continuous training on marketing skills, feasibility studies,communication with customers and the rest of our service package.
Mersat doesn’t suffice only for soliciting offers and choosing the best ones for promotion. But it goes further and intervenes in all details of the real estate transaction so as to achieve a fair contract for the client on balanced conditions, and Mersat intervenes strongly to prevent any violation of client’s rights and modifies any unfair penalty conditions found or preadjusted to the company, the owner of the property, As our advisory team makes affairs in order to achieve the highest rate of tax reduction during the buying or investing in the property, our bias towards the customer does not stop at this point, but rather reduces the commission we receive from the customer to zero, in terms of that our services are completely free and the percentage of our profits, associating with our continuous striving the client’s satisfying and achieve the high quality service level .
Perfect quality Zero problems
As Mersat Real Estate management pays your attention to the smooth and automatic that control the way of it’s all transactions, and raise the slogan of (zero problems) in the transactions and delivery, contracts and procedures, there is no need to worry about this. Optimization and optimization is usually daily Mersat company habit, and only a few steps separates us to obtain a certificate of quality (ISO), constantly we seek on how to improve our services, and increase day by day of the number of languages translated by our team until we have the possibility of translation for all languages of the world , whether Immediate translation or editorial one.
We speak your language and understand your nature
Our team also includes multiple nationalities in order to facilitate and simplify communication with potential customers from other nationalities. This is necessary and inevitable in a renewed and open market like Turkey's real estate market.
We are taking notice to select the most efficient external representatives of the company.
A real estate education and high teach service platform
We take care of our reputation and make sure that we are existed in the best way, so we have developed our website at the content and format level to be a platform for real estate education and high teach
And we continue daily provide this website every new resource in the real estate, whether governmental news of amendments and legal legislation or educational articles that contain information that is important and useful to anyone interested in the real estate sector in Turkey.
Transparency and credibility
Transparency and credibility are a supreme and fundamental value in the constitution of the company's work and the cornerstone of its internal system.
We rely on the scientific approach in feasibility studies, market research, valuation, real estate valuation, and other services so that we deal with service seekers in terms of numbers.
Because numbers are accurate, transparent and do not lie, which is precisely whatMersat depends on to achieve the highest quality and professionalism during providing services.
Mersat Quality is Policy and Constitution and key criterion to gain the satisfaction of our customers.
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