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We take care of our customers to provide them the best possible tax reduction on balanced penal in terms of that will ensure the interests of the customer in the first place. We are more than just a real estate broker, Professional experts directly supervise the direction of real estate transaction where we intervene to ensure balance in the equation of sale
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For These Reasons, the Lebanese Tend to Invest in Real Estate in Turkey
Why do Lebanese buy real estate in Turkey? To get a full answer to your question, you can follow this article
Purchasing A Real Estate for Foreigners in Turkey 2023
Guide foreigners in real estate ownership in Turkey 
What are the cheapest apartments for sale in Turkey?
In Turkey you will find golden deals to buy sea view apartments from local and international real estate developers
I have two wives .. Will the Turkish government accept them?
What are the papers required to establish a marriage in Turkey? Is there conditions for confirming marriage in Turkey?
What is techno park and what is its relationship with Silicon Valley?
They are areas dedicated to scientific research, technological development and the development of innovations and inventions
What should we know before buying any property?
How to get a property is more important than getting the property itself, real estate investment is one of the most important and largest types of investments ever.
Hagia Sophia .. church, mosque and museum, what is the story of Hagia Sophia?
Hagia Sophia is not just a beautiful building that Istanbul is famous for.. but rather an architecture that speaks of details..
What is KDV?
Added tax is one of the most popular taxes in Turkey, and its rates vary according to the type of investment
Dolmabahçe Palace.. Symmetry has a title
Dolmabahçe Palace is the palace that contains the room in which Atatürk died, and it is the third largest palace built in Istanbul today
Areas of apartments in Turkey
What do the areas of apartments in Turkey affect? And which is better? Spacious apartment or small apartment? .. Continue our comprehensive article

Real estate News

The United Kingdom is investing four billion US dollars in Turkey
Reports indicated in some newspapers, including Anadolu Agency, about the planning of the British company Hive Energy, with the support of the British Chambers of Commerce, to invest in Turkey worth four billion US dollars
Economies are collapsing, currencies are falling, and Turkey is out of this equation
After the Corona crisis ravaged the world's economies and scientists reached anti-virus vaccines, and as soon as things began to improve and recover, the Russian-Ukrainian war occurred.
400 Thousand US Dollars, a Simple Amendment to One of the Conditions of Obtaining Turkish Citizenship
The Turkish Official Gazette published at dawn today, Friday, May 13, the decision of Turkish President "Recep Tayyip Erdogan", which stipulates raising the value of the property that grants its owner the right to obtain Turkish citizenship from 250 thousand to 400 thousand US dollars.
exceptional project from a government that cares about its people
 Recently, the Turkish government has introduced a residential project, land suitable for construction and industrial zones in all Turkish provinces
The Clash of Giants over One of the Major Markets, and the Turkish Overcomes
In the midst of the crises the world is witnessing, such as wars, conflicts and the collapse of economies, the Turkish Real Estate Market has registered remarkable progress with the rise in the average cost of houses in Turkiye
Accord and new horizons, Ankara and Riyadh
 As a kind of confirmation of improved Saudi-Turkish relations, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman visited Türkiye for the first time
Closing Some Neighborhoods in Türkiye to Foreigners; a Resolution in Your Favor 
As of July 1, the number of neighborhoods in which the process of registering and changing residence of the foreigners will be closed
Tourism recovery in Turkey 2022
After the Corona pandemic hit all the world's countries, tourism declined in many of the countries that pioneered it
Trabzon Receives Its Saudi Loved Ones After a Long Absence
After a long absence because of the coronavirus pandemic, Saudi tourists returned to Türkiye to enjoy their summer vacation as Trabzon was their first choice.
Three Records for Turkiye
According to Travel + Leisure Magazine's poll, passengers voted for Istanbul Airport as the second best international airport around the world.
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