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We take care of our customers to provide them the best possible tax reduction on balanced penal in terms of that will ensure the interests of the customer in the first place. We are more than just a real estate broker, Professional experts directly supervise the direction of real estate transaction where we intervene to ensure balance in the equation of sale
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Realestate Articles

Is it possible to find cheap apartments on the Bosphorus?
What are the factors, if any, that the Bosphorus apartments will be relatively cheap?
In Ghazi Osman Pasha, a variety of real estate and unique investment opportunities
Does living in the Gazi Osman Pasha area have certain advantages, or is it like any other area?
Apartments for sale in Istanbul European side
Learn about the most important areas in European Istanbul in order to find apartments for sale in them
Turkish Yalova is a charming city and a wonderful tourist destination
Learn about the most important tourist places in Yalova, Turkey
International protection in Turkey ... rights and duties
How does Turkey organize the lives of refugees, what are their rights and duties, and what are the types of asylum in Turkey
Apartment with sea view is an option available in these areas
There are many options in Turkey for those looking for real estate with natural views. In this article, learn about the most important areas that allow you a property with a sea view.
Turkish universities are Arabic speaking
In the following article, we will present the most important Turkish universities that use the Arabic language as a method for teaching their curricula
How to succeed in real estate investment in Istanbul
What are the most important factors that contributed to the success of real estate investment in Istanbul?
Chef Burak restaurant is not the best and here is the list of the most famous Istanbul restaurants
Turkish cuisine is one of the most famous international cuisines.. What are the most important restaurants in the Turkish city of Istanbul?
Historical monuments in the forests of Trabzon, Turkey
In the following lines, we will list the most important historical monuments in the Trabzon forests

Realestate News

After their crisis with Spain, Moroccans choose Turkey as an alternative tourist destination
Find out the reasons that prompted Moroccans to go to Turkey for tourism after their crisis with Spain.
Turkey announces the first residential project overlooking the canal
While discussions on the Istanbul Canal projects continue, zoning works for the new "smart" city to be built on the banks of the canal have already been completed.
Turkey is out of the travel restrictions regulations
Today, Turkey is safe from any great danger due to the Corona virus, but how did Turkey get out of the travel restrictions regulations?
Real estate sector statistics in Turkey for the year 2020
What are the reasons for the high percentage of real estate sales in Turkey for 2020?
Human residence in Turkey, what are its advantages and to whom is it granted?
Humanitarian residence is a type of residence that grants the right of protection to persons who have lost the ability to live in their country
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