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Mersat Real Estate is committed to the highest standards of privacy, based on the protection of your data and surrounded by confidentiality secret and not to sell, share or lease to third parties expected for those covered by this Agreement. Once you use the Mersat website, you agree to the terms of this privacy policy, which Mersat Foundation attaches special importance reflecting the values of the higher society manners. As Mersat website does not require you to create a special account to enable navigation in this case will not get your
personal information.

Personal information:
Mersat company provides professional consulting services upon request. We would like you to be aware that if you are asked for a free consultation service, you will be asked to fill out a contact request which includes only your name, e-mail and phone numbers. If you wish to inquire and request more details about available real estate offers or other Information and related studies in the real estate world provided by Mersat Foundation.
Non-personal information:
When you visit our website we will automatically receive the address IP Which will make us able to guess your geographical location, as we can know the number of times you visited us and the services you have visited and this will help us more to recognize your preferences and needs, we also know when you visit our website the type of browser and the device you use, and this will help us improve our services for all constantly, and thus improve website services and improve your interaction with the website as well
Tracking techniques:
We use techniques such as files defined links as, cookies and pixel tags files (pixels) local storage to collect non - personal information located on the browser in order to connect, secure, and understand products, services and advertising on our website and on other sites providing cookies as also save your personal settings.
Mersat attracts your attention that the information collected is issued for the creation of correspondence intended to give you a personal experience that can be customized and all of this is done with your knowledge and conditional consent, and you can disable this service at any time by clicking on this link.Once you use our website, you agree on these Privacy Policy Terms, which include a general explanation of the terms of use and browsing.

Our website does not require any passwords at all, and we will not send you any code. We will ask you if you would like to receive your consultation services, phone number, email, name and there will be no fees for this.
Google statistics:
No modern website or digital commerce can dispense with Google's data analysis and collection tool, so we use Google tools to collect and analyze non-personal data that enables us to know each of the following information according to Google's own identifiers:
  • Number of people who visited our website.
  • Number of people who came to the website for the first time.
  • Number of people considered to be cyclists.
  • Pages with the highest entry rates.
  • Average time of visitor stay.
  • Keywords that attract more visitors.
  • The number of users who came from search pages and the number of users who came from ads
  • and other information. 
This information is very important to us. It is the compass that guides us to the needs of our customers. We are aware of the mechanisms of developing and improving our digital presence constantly. Do not worry, they are non-personal data and do not give information about you. They are only general indicators we need for the necessities of improvement and marketing.
Once you request our services and browse our website
You agree on the terms of this Privacy Policy, which include a general explanation of the terms of use and browsing
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