Cheapest apartments for sale in Turkey

Cheapest apartments for sale in Turkey 2020 - 2021

Last Updated: 2022-06-24
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Cheapest apartments for sale in Turkey

Many foreigners and Arabs from all over the world go to buy an apartment in Turkey for many reasons: 
First: The wonderful views of a large number of apartments in Turkey, including seas, lakes, forests, waterfalls, historical places, the Bosphorus and bridges. 
Second: Real estate prices in Turkey are lower than those in other European countries in particular, and they are often lower than apartment prices in some Arab countries, such as the Gulf countries. 
Third: The distinctive and important geographical location of Turkey, as it is adjacent to the Arab countries, this makes it much easier for Arabs to move between Turkey and their mother country, and it is also possible for them to transfer their trade and work between the two countries. Also part of Turkey is located in Europe and this draws the attention of foreigners and Europeans to come to it and buy an apartment in Turkey. 
Fourthly: The architectural designs of apartments in Turkey, especially in Istanbul; the designs are modern, similar to the European system, and this draws the attention of foreigners to their resemblance to their apartments, and draws the attention of Arabs who want to live in new apartments with distinctive designs. 
Fifthly: Turkey provided a lot of facilities for expatriates, allowing them to buy real estate, canceling the reciprocity law, and giving real estate residency to those who bought property in Turkey, which is a very special residence, and it also gave the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship for those who buy a property of at least 250 thousand US dollars. 
Cheap apartments in Turkey: 
Turkey has greatly supported low-income people and provided them with a large number of apartments and very convenient installment plans for them, and this encourages middle and low-income people to go to Turkey. 
The cheapest real estate in Turkey can be in: Istanbul - Bodrum - Antalya - Alanya - Bursa - Kusadasi. 
Despite the diversity of the real estate market, apartment prices and their value in Turkey, we can generally say that the prices of apartments in Turkey are relatively low compared to the prices of apartments in other European countries, and the investor can achieve high incomes away from risk, by buying apartments in Turkey and investing them in a variety of ways. Such as selling and renting ..., and a group of major Turkish real estate construction companies have launched a number of relatively low-priced apartment projects in Turkey, within residential complexes suitable for all levels and desires, to meet the needs of all investors and those wishing to own cheap apartments in Turkey.
Benefits of living in cheap apartments in Turkey: 
• Living in cheap apartments ensures that you live in an environment and living conditions that are cheaper than other areas. 
• The buyer may also take advantage of these simple areas to open small, simple commercial investment projects that achieve reasonable profits. 
• It is possible that the price of apartments in Turkey will change as there is constant activity and a terrible urban revolution, and it can reach any area at any time and it is possible to build mega projects somewhere, and real estate prices will then rise strangely and quickly. 
• In most cases, there are no revenues or expenditures on cleaning issues, services, or these matters that cost large income in residential complexes. 
• Most of the urban transformation projects are in the outlying, rural and popular areas, and this could give the owners in these areas hope for changing conditions and thus real estate prices. 
• Housing in apartments with cheap prices in Turkey allows the coming to Turkey to use the rest of his money in investments that can generate profits for him that will enable him to improve his financial condition in the future. 
Many factors help determine apartment prices in Turkey, what are those factors? 
  1. The location of the property is one of the most important determinants of apartment prices in Turkey, as Turkey apartments near the main areas of the city will have a higher price than those on the outskirts of the city. 
  2. The higher the floor that contains the apartment in Turkey, the higher the apartment price, and this is an important factor affecting the prices of apartments in Turkey. 
  3. The apartment's view is an important matter in determining the prices of apartments in Turkey. 
  4. The availability of security services, cleaning and recreational places. All these services contribute to determining the prices of apartments in Turkey.

Last Updated::2022-06-24

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Cheapest apartments for sale in Turkey 2020 - 2021
Many foreigners and Arabs from all over the world go to buy an apartment in Turkey for many reasons
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