Green Collar River Project

Delivery Date
Payment Option
1,000,000 m2
Apartment Types
1+3 : 2+5
Number of buildings
Construction Year
Distance to airport
30 Km
Distance to Beach
3 Km
Prices Start
46,600,000 ₺
The Project Details
The "Green collar river" project a completely new concept for the modern villa
Have you ever tried living in a contemporary and rebellious villa on the traditional concept of an independent villa, without losing the value of privacy? , that in short is the way of life in the patterns of villas posed by the Green collar river project in the upscale Büyükçekmece district of Istanbul, also known as the "land of villas".
Whether you're an end user or an investor, this project is a worthwhile opportunity to meditate, the team of contemporary designers tried to move the nature everywhere here, even on the roofs of villas that seem edifying as if it was a garden and not just a roof.
As the star of green housing continues to rise European and globally, the popularity of houses that take into account the presence of a proportion of parks and green spaces has increased by the equivalent of the construction area or increase, which is exactly what the philosophy of the environmentally friendly "Green collar river" project in European Istanbul is based on.
The designers go further, creating a state of harmonious visual communication between the interior and the exterior, helped by the use of large areas of glass to take advantage of the landscape and rely on natural lighting, and to combine with nature in one form or another.
The modern style is evident in the architectural style of the seven-style "Green Collar" villas, which break the traditional stereotype of independent villas, rebel against the concepts of classical architecture associated with villas, and rely instead on functional geometric design based on the philosophy that beauty follows the function.
The exterior geometric lines came simple, far from the decorations and in the style of a horizontal architecture by applying the system of duplex villas, which are not more than two floors.
 The designers also created a place of empty spaces here and there in a way that is equivalent to the elements, giving a more inspiration to the breadth of the place than it actually is, while ornamental basins and ponds have added a vital effect to the place.
It is true that the villas in the project "Green Collar" fall into the style of separate or independent villas but also combine the advantages of shared villas (twin house - townhouse) and thus maintain the full privacy of their inhabitants, without separating them from their surroundings with high walls as is the traditional case of villas, and do not make them quite contiguous as in the shared villas, how wonderful and modern this balances.
Not only create common spaces between villas, but create green spaces with a high-quality utility package to create a suitable platform for creating healthy social relationships with the neighborhood rather than stowed at home and stick to digital screens.
You will have a lot of fun times throughout the project, for lovers of swimming in summer or winter, there is a indoor swimming pool and another outdoor, as well as a café and restaurant in the middle of parks and playgrounds for young and old, where the project provides tennis and basket courts.
You won't miss the fun of watching the lovely movies with friends, family or neighbors in your dedicated cinema room,
There is also a sauna room next to the gym, as well as indoor and outdoor parking, amid a high-quality security system. 
As for the interior environment, the designs reflect an interest in open interiors, where the use of walls in the division of interior spaces is reduced to tend to become a single space reflecting a practical and comfortable life, with the application of the latest acoustic and thermal insulation techniques and structural safety standards against earthquakes.
The Location Features
  • The location excellent in the Büyükçekmece region, right next to its beautiful and friendly lake.
  • The project is close to many schools, colleges and the finest Turkish universities.
  • A charming view of the lake.
  • Fresh air, calm and relaxation.
  • The project is close to the main highways.
The project is far from
  • Mall of Istanbul 20 km away.
  • The city center 38 km away.
  • Istanbul Canal project 17km away.
  • Büyükçekmece Lake, 3 km away.
  • TEM Highway Artery Istanbul 2 km away.
  • Istanbul State University (Martyrs' Complex July 15) 950m away.
  • Dumankaya Forest 4km away.
The Project Features
  • There are 4 models of villas in the project (Söğut - Sedir - Ardıç - Akasya)
  • Luxury villas with stylish and modern designs.
  • Luxury services and facilities.
  • The project has a biological lake of 22,000 square meters.
  • The height of the net ceiling is 3 meters.
  • Intelligent Building System.
We hope that we have succeeded in creating your interest in the project, and thank you for reading this content, but if you have more details that you would like to inquire about, we are at Mersat Real Estate more than welcome, please leave us your contact numbers and our professional team will provide you free consultation services.
Indoor Pool
Outdoor Pool
Indoor Parking
Children's playgrounds
Spaces and prices
Prices Start Parkings Bathrooms Spaces Start Rooms and living rooms
79,300,000 ₺ 3 3 429 m2 5+2
46,600,000 ₺ 2 2 260 m2 4+1
46,600,000 ₺ 2 2 265 m2 3+1
Payment Plans & Discounts

Last Updated: :14-03-2022

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100% 10% *****
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