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Terms of use:
We collect some information through a variety of commonly used cookies, and realize that some of these techniques are risky and can be used for non-noble purposes. We therefore wish to
clearly define, whenever possible, the reason for our use of those resources and the type of information we collect.
In the case of an unexpected change in ownership of the organization, we will give you a notification 30 days prior to the transfer of any personal information to the new owners or become subordinated to a different privacy policy.

Disclosure of information:
We may disclose personal information to our third-party service providers or our contractors to
help managing or improving Mersat website and provide services in support of our mission
  • We grant volunteer developers and researchers access to systems that contain your information to enable them to protect, develop and contribute Mersat website.
  • We also share non-personal information or information collected with third parties interested in specialized marketing studies.
  • When we share information with third parties for such purposes, we apply reasonable technical and contractual protection to protect your information in accordance with this Policy.
First spam:
Mersat will not share or allow any other party to use it commercially or for marketing purposes without your permission, and is fully committed to the law CAN-SPAM The 2003 Anti - Spam
Convention (CASL). If you feel that a message you have received from us by mistake send us on [email protected]
Second, news and promotional mail:
Due to the desire of Mersat Foundation to be aware of everything new in the world of real estate, it may send you periodic messages about products and services and offers in the
newsletter or promotional newsletter, after your prior consent to subscribe to the mailing list, and allows you to disable this service through pressure On the link here or at the bottom of each
message .
Passwords and codes:
Our website does not require any passwords at all, and we will not send you any code. We will ask you if you would like to receive your consultation services, phone number, email, name and
there will be no fees.

Mersat company interested in the educational and experiential aspect as well as its own sources and its ability to manufacture accurate information related to the real estate market,Visitors are granted the license to view this site and its contents on a computer or mobile phone through the Internet browser, as well as to publish or save this site and its contents in the memory of your device, and print pages. Mersat Foundation does not grant any other rights in respect of this site and its contents, in terms of that any other rights reserved, and thus restrict the transfer, writing, alteration, transfer, publication, reproduction, distribution, redistribution, broadcasting, replay or playback this website or material contained to the public (by any resource of publication ) without written permission from Mersat website .
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