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Mersat Real Estate Co. (one of the branches of Mersat Investment & Industry Group)
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We take care of our customers to provide them the best possible tax reduction on balanced penal in terms of that will ensure the interests of the customer in the first place.
We are more than just a real estate broker, Professional experts directly supervise the direction of real estate transaction where we intervene to ensure balance in the equation of sale, purchase or investment to ensure contracts satisfactory Between the seller and the buyer or investor, and this is precisely what earns our company and its uniqueness in the market Real estate and makes it attract more customers consistently.
Zero commission   
We pay your attention that Mersat company depends on the highest quality standards in the
service of its customers are based on a zero commission, as the company does not charge any
commission or profit rate from the buyer.
Our services start from the moment you arrive at the airport until you own the property or invest
it and continue to the after-sales process. Whether you are the end user or the investor, we will
offer you the highest level of personal attention and take you step-by-step in a crowded and
complex market like Turkey's real estate market.
Mersat Group Company has a team of experienced professionals qualified to provide real estate
and multilingual advice in the Turkish real estate market, open to the world, based on a wealth
of years of experience in a long attractive environment like Turkey. 

Our experience is in your hands  
We are proud to provide real estate consultancy services based on accurate analysis and
market research to put it in your hands. Our goal is to be able to make the right decision to own
or invest in real estate and even finance it with soft and encouraging loans due to the special
protocols that Mersat has in dealing with a number of leading Islamic banks.

Welcome to your second home
You do not have to worry about interpretation or written services, whatever language you speak, as well as documentation and follow-up.   Mersat welcome you to your second home if your
legal papers require a longer period of time until they are satisfactorily completed.
If you are looking for a property that brings you the luxury of a blended Europe in the spirit of the East, there is no better choice than Turkey, the leading model in the Middle East and the gateway to the world of promising investment opportunities. To make the right decision you need an expert who makes the difference. Mersat is the brand of real estate services.
Our capital is a good reputation. Over years of hard work with established and emerging companies with government guarantee and free service package offered to customers.  
To offer unprecedented levels of quality in service just call and leave Mersat to take you to the
safe side.
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