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Mersat Real Estate Company attaches equal importance to the team, and considers it as an integral part of the company's successes. It is an active partner in the success of the company. Therefore, the team members are highly educated, have vocational training, and related skills. The multilingual working languages ​​that they master so that at least three languages ​​are Arabic, English and Turkish of course.

Mersat staff consists of two mean teams:

Team of Engineers 

They are selected by Mersat very carefully from the specialized engineers, and are entrusted with the task of selecting projects that meet the high Turkish specifications, which is adopted by the company within the quality policy, and there is a specialized quality officer to monitor the application of quality standards in the company and then nominated to the team of consultants, and are assigned to carry out the studies needed Our customers, in accordance with our company policy. 

Team of Consultants 

Or in another language the vendor team, often selected from graduates of the faculties of commerce and economics, or a related field, is also required to be officially certified by the Turkish Orphan Department, with the competence of real estate consultants, and their task to carry out a final study, and start nominating projects for clients, and it is their responsibility Completion of the transaction, follow-up of the real estate transaction, as well as providing the package after-sales services in all its details.

Our team also includes a selection of interior designers, translators and jurors, as well as accountants within the functions of property management and management of the account and service.

The success of your investments depends not only on capital but also on having a professional team next to you who has the necessary real estate studies and consultancy as and when you need it.

We speak your language

It is essential that everyone in Mersat team has the best communication skills that enable him to communicate adequately with the client and provide a full explanation of the projects adopted by the company after a series of thematic studies carried out.

Mersat is well aware that the similarity of languages ​​and even dialects cuts a lot of time and approximation of views, so it is keen to include staff from various nationalities, from different countries of the region, you will find in Mersat who speaks your dialect and understands the specificity of the environment coming from them, in addition to his full knowledge in the geography of locations which make the communication process between the company and its customers effective.

Quick communication

Our technical and logistic support staff save your wasting time of searching and provide you with 24-hour online support. You can ask for free consultation and get the most accurate information and data that control the Turkish real estate market, our team is always available, and if you find our lines busy, our staff will return contact you within hours as Mersat appreciates your time and technical support teams respond very quickly to all your requests, whether via email or phone

And call you back in the most appropriate times for you, which you have already identified us through the portal let us communicate with you

Because the passion of real estate investors does not stop knowing everything new, Mersat provided its electronic platform specialized editors in investigating updated news in the real estate sector to produce in-depth articles and supported by figures and accurate studies, especially news about the government amendments to the legislation in force, it does not provide an effort to simulate passion towards all new.

Our team is transboundary

Turkey has proved in the past few years its ability to absorb shocks in the Middle East, which has provided a solid and stable ground for the construction of real estate projects, which made it the focus of attention of investors from all over the world, the European investor will benefit from currency difference and the warmth of the climate, as recent studies have shown The quiet withdrawal from investment in America towards Turkey after the hostile policies towards Muslims, it is not surprising that Turkey is the next stop for these investors.

Therefore, Mersat is interested in investors who are eager to invest in Turkey wherever they are and in any country in the world, and therefore we have a cross-border team and agents in several countries, and where you want to get our services in any country you are, you can communicate with our agents, who are everywhere, no surprisingly, the Turkish market today is the focus of attention of European, Middle Eastern and even American investors.

In short, we give you a personal assistant anytime, anywhere.
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