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Marsat Real Estate attaches equal importance to the staff, and considers it an integral part of the company's successes, even effective partners in achieving this success. So, the company is keen to have the team members have higher education, accredited vocational training, as well as skills related to language proficiency, which includes at least three languages: Arabic, English and Turkish, of course.
Mersat staff consists of two main teams:
  1. The First Team:
  • The Engineers Team
The specialized engineers are selected by Mersat very carefully, to whom the tasks of selecting projects conforming to high Turkish standards, adopted by the company of the quality policy. Also, there is a control technician specialized in monitoring the application of quality standards in the company, then nominating them to the team of consultants, who ought to be responsible for undertaking studies needed by our customers, in accordance with the company's policy.
  1. The Second Team:
  • The Consultants Team
In other words, the vendor team, often selected of Commerce faculty and Economics faculty graduates, or related to. It is also required to be officially approved by the Ministry of National Education (Turkey), with specialization in real estate consultants, and their task is to carry out a conclusive study, nominating projects for customers, and it is their responsibility to accomplish the deal, follow up the course of the real estate dealings, as well as provide an after-sales service package with all its details.
Our staff also includes an elite of interior decorators, sworn translators, as well as accountants specialized in property management and accounting file management and services.
The success of your investments does not depend solely on the capital as much as on having a professional team with you, who have the necessary real estate studies and advice whenever you need them.
  • We Speak Your Language
It is essential that everyone in the Mersat team has the best communication skills that enable him to communicate adequately with the client and provide a sufficient explanation of the projects adopted by the company after a series of objective studies are carried out.
Mersat is fully aware that the similarity of the languages and even dialects saves a lot of time and brings the points of view closer, so it is keen to include staff of multiple nationalities and from different countries. In Mersat, you will inevitably find someone who speaks your dialect and understands the privacy of the environment you are coming from, as well as having an excellent knowledge of Turkey's geography, which makes the communication between the company and its customers effective.
  • Quick Communication
Technical and logistical support staff saves you the trouble of searching and the time, and provides you with immediate support service at any time and around-the-clock, you can ask for free consultation and get the most accurate information and data related to the Turkish real estate market. Our team is always available, and if you find all our lines are busy, our employee will call you back within hours, as Mersat appreciates your time and the technical support team answers very quickly all your answers either by email or phone. 
Where the team will call you back at the most appropriate time for you, which you have already identified to us through the portal of (let us communicate with you).
Because the passion of real estate investors does not stop knowing all the new, Mersat has provided its electronic platform with editors specialized in keeping up with new news of real estate, to produce in-depth articles supported by numbers and accurate studies, especially news about the government's amendment to the current legislation, it spares no effort to follow up the passion for all new.
  • A Transboundary Team
Over the past few years, Turkey has proven its ability to absorb shocks that are affecting the Middle East, which has provided a solid and stable ground for real estate projects establishment. Thus, this has made Turkey the focus of attention of investors from all over the world, where the European investor will benefit from currency differences and the warm climate. Moreover, recent studies have shown the gradual withdrawal from investing in America towards Turkey on the grounds of hostile policies towards Muslims, it is not surprising that Turkey is the alternative for these investors.
Therefore, Mersat cares about investors eager to invest in Turkey wherever they are, in any country. Thus, we have a transboundary team and agents in several countries. Wherever you want to get our services, in any country you are, you can communicate with our agents who are everywhere. It is not surprising, as the Turkish market today is the focus of attention of European, Middle Eastern and even American investors.
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