Purchasing a Property in Türkiye

Is Purchasing a Property in Türkiye after the New Condition a Right Option?

Last Updated: 2022-08-06
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Is Purchasing a Property in Türkiye after the New Condition a Right Option?

     The requirement to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment has changed, by purchasing a property worth US$400,000 instead of $250,000. In contrast, many countries in the world grant their nationality to investors in smaller amounts, some of which amount to only $150,000. So should I invest in Turkish real estate or look for an alternative country that gives me citizenship at a lower cost?


You will read in this article:

- Why do investors choose Türkiye?

- Who is most in need of Turkish citizenship?

- Is there a better alternative than Türkiye?

- What can I benefit financially from real estate investment in Türkiye?

- What services does Mersat Real Estate provide in investment management?


Why Do Investors Choose Türkiye?

  1. Türkiye's Geographical Location:

Turkey is strategically located in the middle of the continents of the ancient world, making it a global trade route. Moreover, it oversees the Bosphorus, which passes through it 3% of the world's supplies.  

  1. Türkiye's Successful Economy:

The Turkish economy is rapidly evolving and stable, with Turkish GDP more than tripled since 2002. Besides, Türkiye ranks 13th among the world's largest economies and is seeking to be one of the top ten.

  1. The Strong Infrastructure that Türkiye Has:

Türkiye has state-of-the-art technical infrastructure in the transport, telecommunications and energy sectors. Not only this, but also it features a sophisticated railway that facilitates transport to Central and Eastern Europe.

  1. Customs and Traditions Prevailing in Türkiye:

Türkiye is one of the countries where many Arabs want to purchase a property for residence and accommodation because its customs and traditions are very similar to those of Arab society, which leads us directly to the fact that Türkiye is the perfect place for Arabs, and most foreign investors are Arabs.


Who Is Most in Need of Turkish Citizenship?

When we talk about those who wish to obtain Turkish citizenship, we refer to nationals of Türkiye's neighbours that do not have a strong passport, such as Iraq, Iran, Syria, and even distant Arab countries such as Somalia.

We also refer to investors who want to expand their investments and obtain citizenship for the rights enjoyed by Turkish citizens such as Arab Gulf, Chinese and European nationals. 


Is There a Better Alternative than Türkiye?

For the categories we talked about and although almost half of the world's countries - according to a BBC report - grant their nationality to investors, Türkiye remains the best option ever as an environment suitable for investment opportunities and geographical nature, as well as culturally close to Arabian and Persian.


What Can I Benefit Financially from Real Estate Investment in Türkiye?

Real estate investment in Türkiye to obtain Turkish citizenship cannot be talked about independently of the profits or financial returns that the investor makes from real estate investment, and to be clear at this point, the financial returns in Türkiye range from 3 to 7 percent of the value of the property.


The investor may find that these returns are not enough to think about real estate investment worth US$400,000, and if the return is to obtain Turkish citizenship, some may say: " What about a country like Vanuatu, which sells its nationality for only $150,000?" Without a doubt, we say that the  reaopportunities and financial returns someone can earn in Türkiye are much better than those that may not exist in other countries, whose economy depends on the sale of citizenship.


You can invest real estate in Türkiye, obtain Turkish citizenship and sometimes generate financial returns of up to 50% of the investment value, within the three years where you are prevented from selling your property, through the services provided by Mersat Real Estate by its professional team in investment management, and their ability to read the market and seize opportunities.


What Services Does Mersat Real Estate Provide in Investment Management?

Marsat Real Estate seeks to provide an integrated system of real estate services, and pursues a quality policy that guarantees the interests of the customer and his full satisfaction with the results. 

Marsat's Real Estate services package continues professionally after sale, placing the satisfaction of the client on its list of priorities. Hence, it seeks to renew and develop its services all the time in order to keep its customers fully assured during their stay or absence from the property, or if they wish to invest in it. Here, we offer you a comprehensive presentation of our most important services.


After Sale Management Service of Mersat Real Estate Includes:

  1. Support and Management Services:

  • Carrying out final finishing and selecting interior designs and furniture according to the latest modern decorations, under the direct supervision of the company's specialized engineers, while ensuring that our client receives the best offers from the finest Turkish furniture companies.

  • Pay the municipality's annual benefits for the property and pay monthly bills, service revenues and contributions regularly.

  • Managing tenant contracts and following up on their legal affairs on behalf of the owner.

  • Collect rents from tenants and send them to owners.

  • Following up on the legal procedures and transactions of the property.

  • Manage public spaces and exploit them to increase revenues.

  • Inspect, maintain and upkeep the property periodically during the absence of the owner.

  • Periodic reporting of the condition of the property signed by the company employee, who is responsible for inspecting the property periodically.

  • Preparing the property before inhabiting.

  1. Predicting the Prices Movement and the Financial Feasibility of the Property:

In a market promising meaningful investment opportunities such as the Turkish real estate market, where demand for supply is constantly outpacing. Hence, you need periodic reports on real estate liquidity in the market.


Mersat Real Estate notified the customer of all expectations of the Turkish real estate market, like increasing or decreasing in prices. As well as, predicting investment returns based on annual studies and reports, to ensure that the necessary proactive measures are taken in the movement of real estate trading.


Marsat Real Estate also provides feasibility studies to investors of all kinds, whether it is a preliminary general study or detailed in all its stages. Where our team specializes in collecting market data and estimating the profitability ratios of projects to provide marketing, profitability and financing studies for projects, which serve as a compass that enables our customers to determine their options based on concrete facts and accurate estimates.


Mersat Real Estate appreciates your confidence, so it spares no effort to guide you to the investment decision that is best suited to you and based on well-thought-out scientific approaches. It gives you a full view of the technical, economic, profitability and marketing aspects of the projects, which are based on its extensive knowledge and years of experience in the promising and renewed Turkish real estate market.

  1. Follow-up on Real Estate Projects in the Construction Phase:

Properties under construction are a much better investment option than ready for habitation properties, because of the increased profit margin and the property is new, as well as special and discount offerings that attract more customers.


However, how far is the completed property confirm the specifications that are prior to implementation is something may be worrying to our customers. Here is our role in monitoring the status of the properties under construction periodically, providing the customer with a clear vision and detailed comprehensive reports of all stages of the completion of the project, before and during construction until full implementation. During which, we continue to transfer the premiums periodically to prevent their accumulation.


     Mersat Real Estate offers its premium service package free of charge and officially documents it between Mersat Real Estate and the client, and the company is committed to clarifying the terms of management and the rights of the customer on it, and then officially manages the property.


Edited by Mersat Real Estate Team © 


Last Updated::2022-08-06

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