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Real estate is your way to obtain Turkish citizenship

Last Updated: 2022-08-07
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Real estate is your way to obtain Turkish citizenship

Eight ways through which Turkey grants foreigners its citizenship, including those related to marriage to those who hold Turkish citizenship, others related to long-term residence, and others related to investment and bank deposit, but the fastest way to obtain Turkish citizenship, according to the legal office of Mersat Real Estate Company, is through real estate investment. 

You will read in this article: 
- This is all about obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership.
- The most important steps to obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying real estate.
- The advantages of obtaining
Turkish citizenship for Arabs. 
- Frequently Asked Questions About Turkish Citizenship.

Turkish citizenship
This is all about obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership

  1. To begin with, the price of the property must be no less than 400.000 dollars, and a commitment must be made not to sell the property before 3 years have passed from the date of its ownership.
    * It is important to point out that the Turkish government reduced the amount that the property must be in order to obtain Turkish citizenship to what was mentioned after it was previously one million US dollars. 

  2. The time to obtain it may take from three months to a maximum of six, and this matter varies from one person to another. There are also decisions that are being studied in order to be awarded in just a month and a half. 
  3. The price of the property must be transferred from the buyer to the seller through a bank in Turkey, and care must be taken to take receipts proving the completion of the payment process. 
  4. You must bring all the required papers and documents: The title deed document / real estate appraisal document, which is an indispensable component as it proves the price of the property very accurately. 
    Presenting real estate payment receipts that are obtained from the bank and they must be stamped / a copy of the
    passport, and they must be certified and translated by the notary. 
    Also, a clean criminal record / personal photos / and finally an application for Turkish citizenship must be brought.


These are the most important steps to obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying real estate:

1- The real estate appraisal document must be extracted:
Specialized companies must be used for this matter, but you should make sure that they have permission from the Turkish government. The benefit of this assessment is that it protects the buyer from being a victim of real estate fraud and manipulation.
It is worth mentioning that this document is valid for a period of three months only from the date of its extraction.

2- The title deed should be extracted:
It is extracted from the Land Registry Directorate, and it is obtained within two or three days.
But the tax number must be obtained first and this only takes a few minutes.
Later, all papers and documents related to the applicant for Turkish citizenship are sent to the main office in the capital, Ankara, and then you should wait until all the routine procedures carried out by the concerned authorities are completed.

What are the advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership?

1- Choosing to buy a property in order to obtain Turkish citizenship hits two goals at the same time, the first is to acquire a property and the second is to obtain citizenship.

2- The property can be used in more than one way. There are those who choose it for housing and stability, and this is a unique opportunity to live in an environment rich in luxury and comfort.
There are those who prefer it for
real estate investment in order to obtain abundant profits, based on the ingredients that Turkey contains.

3- Many people seek to obtain Turkish citizenship, because it is one of the best nationalities in the world, as Turkey has a vibrant economy that is on the path of development and prosperity and is ranked among the world's economies.

4- Whoever obtains Turkish citizenship can obtain a Turkish passport, which entitles its holder to cross many borders of the world with great ease.
He will be able to enter 72 countries without having to obtain a visa / 42 countries grant those who hold a visa at the moment of arrival at their airport / and there are 7 countries that grant visas to travelers to them via the Internet.

5- Turkey is considered to be on the rise medically, as it has many hospitals and medical and health centers equipped with the best modern medical technologies and equipped with the most important doctors and specialists.
The medical city of Basaksehir, which was opened last year, is the best proof of this, and it has all the qualities and advantages that make it integrated, as it is considered a serious competition for European countries in this field. 

6- Also, Turkey has many distinguished educational institutions and universities that attract many students around the world every year, especially Arabs, there are many of them that have entered the world. Private universities are characterized by having a strong infrastructure that puts the student in the workplace and makes him an active member of society. 
*It is necessary to point out that the holder of Turkish citizenship will sometimes receive free education and treatment, and at other times he will receive many attractive discounts. 

7- A person who holds Turkish citizenship will be like any Turkish citizen, who has the same rights and the same duties. He will have the right to participate in the elections taking place in the country and contribute to determining its fate. He can also run for office and obtain prestigious and distinguished job opportunities that are accompanied by high and sufficient salaries. One of his most prominent duties towards the Turkish state is that he strives to develop it, according to his ability and capabilities, and not to harm it. 

8- A good opportunity offered by Turkish citizenship to live on board a country that enjoys this unique geographical location in the middle of the three continents of the world. It also oversees the world's most important seas (Black Sea / Aegean Sea / Mediterranean Sea / Marmara Sea / Bosphorus Strait). 

9- Turkey is considered the incubator of many different cultures and civilizations that it witnessed. All of this can be seen through its mosques / museums / palaces / castles and forts / towers and every historical landmark is evidence of civilization and culture. These places indicate art and creativity that was embodied in previous eras. Turkish citizenship will enable its holder to discover all these details.

10-Turkish citizenship is only the first step in order to obtain a typical integrated life, as it opens horizons for those who hold it. 

11-Turkish citizenship allows the holder to retain his mother nationality, thus becoming dual nationals and being able to obtain the advantages of both.

Does Turkish citizenship have some negative aspects? 

1- Those who obtain Turkish citizenship will be obliged to perform military service for those covered by the law, that is, those who obtained Turkish citizenship while they are under the legal age. 
2- The holder will lose some benefits such as access to humanitarian aid. 
But its advantages outweigh its disadvantages in several stages. 
The advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship for Arabs 
- This is due to the ease of integration with Turkish society, as there are no vast differences between the customs, traditions and social systems in each of the two societies. 
- Turkey is also stigmatized by its Islamic nature, which ensures that they will not depart from their beliefs and will not have to face what is far from them, and this is precisely what made them prefer Turkey to all European Union countries. 

There are those who ask: 

1- Can the amount required to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership be distributed over more than one property? Yes, it is possible, so there are no restrictions on this important matter that the total price of real estate be consistent with what is mentioned. 
2- Does buying a property in installments entitle its owner to apply for Turkish citizenship? Of course, if it complies with the stipulated conditions. 
3- How can all the tasks of obtaining Turkish citizenship be accomplished without obstacles? Through the use of a lawyer with experience and extensive knowledge in this matter, and if the property was purchased through a real estate company in Turkey, it will take care of all these matters, as it has specialized teams in this regard. 


Mersat Real Estate Company provides free services to clients wishing to purchase one or more properties in order to obtain Turkish citizenship. Contact the Mersat Real Estate team and review the investment offers that fulfill the conditions of citizenship and achieve financial returns of up to 35% of the property value.
Editing by Mersat Real Estate Team©


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Last Updated::2022-08-07

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