customs and traditions of Turkey

A tour to learn about the customs and traditions of Turkey

Last Updated: 2022-08-06
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A tour to Take a Look at the Customs and Traditions of Turkey

 Turkey is one of the first countries around the world that questions revolve around, and this was only a natural result of its importance and the desire of many people to live and settle in it and learn about the most important systems, rules, laws, customs and norms. 
Through this article, the editorial team at Mersa Real Estate will inform you about the most important
customs and traditions in Turkey. We wish you an enjoyable reading.

Know the most important customs and traditions in Turkey: 
Through the following paragraphs, you can see in details the most important customs and traditions that prevail in Turkish society and the most important details and information related to this field. 
1- Kissing the hand: 
One of the most common customs in Turkey is kissing the hands of the elderly, and this is a sign of respect and appreciation. For example, you find young children kissing the hands of a grandmother or grandfather, which is a sign of love and friendliness. 
2- The handshake: 
The handshake is one of the most popular methods of greeting or farewell, as people shake hands with each other at the end of the visit or in other places. 

3- Drinking tea: 
Turkey is famous for its cup of tea, as it is the most delicious and most consumed drink among people and is served on all occasions and at all times. 
4 - Gestures: 
The Turk relies heavily on gestures in communicating with others and does not depend entirely on language only. For example, the movement of the head down indicates approval and upwards is for refusal, and when he puts his hand on his chest or on the position of the heart, it is a kind of greeting.
Courtesy customs in Turkey: 
In the following paragraph, you can see many common customs in Turkey that are used as a courtesy,
1 - If you want to communicate with someone you don't know, you should start by greeting, as this will save you a lot of time. 
2 - Words of thanks should be uttered when dealing with Turks, such as: Thank you - please.
3 - Do not cause problems in public places or impede movement on roads or crowded places.
4 - The privacy of Turkish society must be respected and their customs and societal rules adhered to. 
5 - Do not throw garbage in public roads, parks, gardens or anywhere, as you must contribute to keeping it clean. 
6 - When you use a public restroom, you must keep it clean after you. 
7 - When you get on a public bus, metro or metro bus, you must give priority to the elderly - children - pregnant women - people with special needs. 
8- When taking a public transport, you must give your seat to the elderly or women accompanied by young children.
9 - You should not speak loudly in public places, Turks do not like loud voices. 
10 - When you make an official transaction in one of the official government departments, there are many rules and laws that must be adhered to. 

Turkish customs that must be adhered to: 
Those who live in Turkey must respect the right of the neighbor and avoid what disturbs him/her, and one of the most important things that must be adhered to is that there are times for rest during which it must be committed not to make annoying noises such as playing music or doing maintenance work. Also, you should not do all of the above in the late hours of the night, on holidays or very early in the morning, and do not forget that nothing should be thrown from the balconies and also you should not smoke in the buildings. 

The garden around the building must be kept clean and those who have pets should not throw their waste in the building.
Some habits related to death: 
The deceased person in Turkey must be buried on the first day of death without delay, and evidence of the gender of the deceased is placed on the coffin; If it is a woman, a headscarf, a veil or a wedding dress is put on, but to indicate the profession that the deceased was engaged in, a clerical hat or a turban is put on. 
The funeral prayer takes place in the courtyard of the mosque, after which the burial, condolence and mourning ceremonies take place. 

Strange customs of Turkish society: 
Societies are not without strangeness, and every society is distinguished by some characteristics and has some methods that it follows. Through the following points, you can see some of the strange traditions prevailing in Turkish society: 
1 - Many people believe that the blue eye prevents them from evil and envy, so you find them putting it under their clothes or at the doors of their homes. 
2 - Turkish cuisine preserves many of the famous Ottoman dishes and meals, which are still in great demand today. 
3 - The Turkish bath, where many people, Turks and tourists are still curious to try the famous Turkish bath, designed in the Ottoman or Byzantine style. 
4 - Turkish homes and houses are famous for their luxurious carpets made in Turkey, so that you see them in all seasons, and they put them on and replace them permanently according to the needs of the season and the cold weather.
 5- One of the strange habits is that the bride puts salt in the groom’s coffee until it becomes clear how much he likes her. 
For more information about the Turkish reality, you can constantly follow our website and social media platforms because we always provide what interests you.


Last Updated::2022-08-06

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