UAE Investments to Increase in Türkiye

Turkish Experts Expect UAE Investments to Increase in Türkiye

Last Updated: 2022-06-03
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Turkish Experts Expect UAE Investments to Increase in Türkiye

     The Turkish Foreign Economic Relations Board Chairman Nail Olpak said trade between the two countries had previously reached about $15 billion and then declined over time to $3 billion.
Olpak expressed the hope that trade relations between the two countries would return to their previous state, especially after Turkish exports rose 95 percent last year compared to the year before.
In terms of real estate, Türkiye has conducted 141 projects in the UAE worth approximately $13.5 billion to date, according to the Turkish Foreign Economic Relations Board Chairman.
He emphasised on the importance of mutual meetings between Turkish and Emirati parties to improve the trade relations level.
He noted that there are many fields where we can cooperate to strengthen business relations, most notably projects to be implemented within Dubai Vision 2040.
He noted that $130 billion in base and superstructure projects will be implemented within this vision until 2040.
He said they have received offers to participate in the conduction of these projects against the backdrop of the successes achieved by Turkish companies in this sector.
Olpak said 25 Turkish companies attended "UAE-Türkiye Business Council: Development & Construction Roundtable 2022", as well as 30 other participants representing Emirati companies.
"Turkish companies have identified themselves and the most significant projects they have conducted in the past."
He added that the UAE seeks to diversify its sources of income, not be content merely with income from oil revenues, therefore it shows interest in several fields and is particularly interested in investing in several areas in Türkiye, most notably energy, food, health and digital technology.
Source: Anadolu Agency.
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Last Updated::2022-06-03

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