Transforming Ataturk Airport into the nation's largest park in Turkey

From a Giant Airport into the Fifth Largest Park in the World

Last Updated: 2022-06-07
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Transforming Ataturk Airport into the nation's largest park in Turkey

In conjunction with the anniversary of the conquest of Constantinople, the first seedling was planted at "Ataturk Airport" formerly, which is transformed into Turkey's largest park and the fifth largest in the world as "Millet Bahçesi" (people's park), in the presence of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
Transforming Ataturk Airport into the nation's largest park in Turkey
This came after all flights were transferred from Ataturk Airport to Istanbul's Airport, and the rest of the airport's vehicles and hangars are being removed.
The old airport facilities are likely to be rehabilitated and turned into cultural and scientific centres, also local and international exhibitions.
Transforming Ataturk Airport into the nation's largest park in Turkey
This project has been adopted by the Turkish government, which seeks to increase the per capita share of green spaces to 15 m2, and intends to plant 145,300 trees and seedlings with Broad-leaved and bundle needles leaves, thus the garden will remain evergreen throughout the year and the changing of the seasons.
The Turkish government was inspired by the date Istanbul was conquered in 1453 and will open as May 2023 approaches, which will be a crucial year for the upcoming elections.
Since Ataturk Airport is centrally located in the heart of Istanbul, this park will serve as the crowded city's lung.
Transforming Ataturk Airport into the nation's largest park in Turkey
The real estate market is expected to see a qualitative leap in the area, where real estate prices near "Millet Bahçesi" will increase, so that real estate investment in Istanbul will rise, too.

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Last Updated::2022-06-07

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