The marina of hope - 4 Room + 1 Living Room

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A blue sapphire rippling on a silver-encrusted bank, embroidered with a beautiful nature from the Creator's creativity and from the beauty of Istanbul, created from the beauty of architecture, inspired by the Marina of Hope project.
In the fight and congestion that dominates the city of Istanbul, the sea is unique with a bank and coast of calm that carries the Marina of Hope project, which some consider to be one of the most beautiful projects in Istanbul, because it is located in the finest marine area in western Istanbul, in the Büyükçekmece area known as the most luxurious villas and apartments in Istanbul. .
The most important thing that increases the luster of the project’s view is that it is 0 meters away from the sea, with a private beach for the project with a length of 13 km, in addition to that the project site is in a quiet area with the beauty of its nature. km, and about the E-5 highway, a distance of 3 km, which is considered the most important and fastest highway in Istanbul, and forms the main nerve of the city, as your proximity to this highway provides you with fast roaming and sufficient time.
The project consists of 407 apartments 305 Easy Dance apartments, 55 penthouses, and 40 duplex apartments with a terrace or garden, most of which are apartments with sea views. What distinguishes the luxury project apartments is that they float with the beauty of their interior lighting resulting from the reflection of the quality of new building materials and creativity in the smallest engineering details.
The work of the company developing the project is rich in interest, as the project is equipped with complete and unique facilities and services within the projects of Turkey, because our project is decorated with a beach and a marina for yachts of the Marsa Al-Amal project, the project constitutes a residential, commercial and investment environment integrated with a luster of sensitive and delicate architectural touches suitable for the developed era.
The beauty of the project is crowned by the interior composition of the apartments with an antique decor and is enhanced by the average net height of the ceilings of 3.5 m, which gives the impression of comfort and spaciousness.
With the use of thermal and acoustic insulation techniques of the highest quality available. And because safety is everything, the project complies with the construction safety regulations, which have become binding for all real estate developers in Istanbul, taking the highest safety standards against earthquakes, and the building has a high-quality security system that keeps you and your loved ones safe.
The project deserves to be at the top of your short list, which you will reach after a long search, because it is a wonderful investment opportunity in the event that you are not the end users of the project or the property, knowing that the return on investment is expected to reach 50 percent, due to the package of privileges that surround the project or its privileged location alike. It is an ideal choice for investing and obtaining Turkish citizenship
Project advantages
  • The project consisted of 407 apartments 305 Easy Dance apartments, 55 penthouses and 40 duplex apartments with terrace or garden.
  • The green gardens cover an area of 5,000 square metres.
  • The project apartments are luxurious and spacious, adding colors of happiness and comfort to life.
  • The company developing the project has a good reputation.
  • The project constitutes an integrated residential, commercial and investment environment
  • There is a yacht marina for the Marina of Hope project.
  • Luxurious and spacious apartments that add happiness to life.
  • The project is rich in facilities and services.
  • The net height of the ceilings is 3.5m.
  • The good reputation enjoyed by the company developing the project.
  • The return on investment is expected to reach 50%.
  • High quality sound and thermal insulation.
  • Applying the highest seismic standards.
  • Fast electric elevators.

Location features
  • The project is located in Büyükçekmece, which is famous for being a villa area in the west of Istanbul.
  • The project features a charming view, directly on the sea for 85% of the project apartments.
  • Service, health, commercial and educational centers in the vicinity of the project.
  • The project site is directly on the sea, with an area of 0 square meters.
  • The charming sea view.
  • 13 km coastline belonging to the project.

Distance to
  • 33 km from Ataturk Airport. 11 km from the Toyap Gallery.
  • The E-5 highway is 2 km away.
  • Yeni Kapi Square (Marmaray) 45 km.
  • Mimar Sinan Governmental Hospital, 3 km away.
  • Yacht marina in Güzelja, 4 km away.
  • The city center is 42 km.
  • Bus stop 650 m.
  • The new Istanbul airport is 60 km away.
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