City Towers - 3 Room + 1 Living Room

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160 m2
City Center
living rooms
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  • The project constitutes an integrated residential environment with services and recreational facilities.
  • The project includes a building dedicated to office apartments with integrated services and works.
  • Central heating system.
  • The project contains spacious terraces.
  • The project contains storage tanks for clean water.
  • Backup generator.
  • Fire early warning system.
  • High quality sound and thermal insulation.
  • Apply the highest standards of seismic safety.
  • Fast electric lifts.
  • Each apartment has its own storeroom.
About area Kadıköy
On the Asian side of the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul, one of the most famous and important district is located, in Istanbul particularly and in Turkey generally, it is the well known district: Kadıköy, or as it was known (Chalcedon) the ancient archaeological city whose foundation dates back to the Greek era in the seventh century BC.
In Kadıköy, the railway station that connects Istanbul, Baghdad, Damascus and Medina, formerly known as the Hejaz Railway in the period of the Ottoman Caliphate.
Nowadays, it is considered a transportation hub between Anatolian side of Istanbul and the European one, for people who use the Bosphorus to move between the two sides of Istanbul with the so-called ferries, in addition to the Metrobus that reaches the Beylikdüzü in the European side of Istanbul, as well as the metro and buses. 
Kadıköy is inhabited by a mixture of locals and foreigners of different ethnicities and religions, such as Armenians, Catholics, Jews, Bulgarians and Greeks. Nevertheless, the largest segment are Muslims. 

Unique Distinctive Places in Kadıköy:


Kadıköy has many tourist attractions such as Süreyya Opera House, the warm golden sand of Caddebostan beach, and old closed markets. Plus, there are various restaurants with local and international cuisines, as well as shops, shopping and entertainment centres.
Since it is an old area, it contains very old and dilapidated houses, which are often sold as clusters to construction companies at high prices. In turn, they demolish the houses and build modern residential complexes instead.
Some of the most famous neighbourhoods in Kadıköy are Fenerbahçe and Moda, which are considered to be luxurious and high-priced residential neighbourhoods in Kadıköy and in Istanbul generally. As well as the famous Bağdat Avenue, which is inhabited by many celebrities and Turkish drama artists.

Real Estate Investment and Real Estate Prices in Kadıköy District in Istanbul:


Having known its strategic location and attractions, you can imagine how important real estate investment is in Kadıköy. Of course, there are those who have already realised this fact, namely construction companies and contractors who developed and implemented their plans, and they are working continuously on the construction of the most important residential projects in it.
In order to gain a larger segment of people, these projects have varied in Kadıköy between independent houses, duplex houses, villas, penthouses, townhouses, all of different sizes, in order to meet all tastes and needs. It has also made residential complexes an integrated environment of services and wellbeing, equipping residential complexes in Kadıköy with swimming pools and special security for the complex, near shopping centres and transportation.
As an inevitable consequence, property prices in Kadıköy are rising significantly, where Turks and foreigners purchase property in Kadıköy and invest it, such as reselling it after years in which the price of a house in Kadıköy doubles. Some of them prefer a permanent investment and earn sustainable profits, so they tend to rent out the house in Kadıköy for a large monthly return. Hence, the return increases as the advantages of the house in Kadıköy increases, such as a furnished house with a view of the Sea of Marmara or the Bosphorus..

Turkish Citizenship and Real Estate Residence Permit with Mersat Real Estate:


The Turkish government provides the opportunity to acquire Turkish citizenship for foreign investors through real estate investment, after fulfilling simple conditions. Especially when compared to the conditions for granting citizenship in the countries of the European Union or the United States, for example.
If you want to apply for Turkish citizenship and get one of the most powerful passports around the world, and enjoy all the rights in Türkiye, simply follow these steps:
Purchasing one or more property in Türkiye worth 400,000 USD.
Obtaining real estate valuation by one of the companies accredited in the Land Registry and Cadastre (Tapu).
Exchange the value of the property in Türkiye from foreign currency to local currency at the Central Bank of Türkiye, and get a paper proving the process (DAB).
Pledge not to sell the property for a period of three years from the date of its purchase and sign that pledge in the The General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre.
Prepare the necessary papers and documents in order to acquire Turkish citizenship.
If your budget does not reach the specified amount to acquire Turkish citizenship, yet you want to invest in or settle in Türkiye, you have the opportunity to get the real estate residence permit, which requires only one condition to be met: purchase a property in Türkiye worth 75,000 US dollars.
We are fully aware that when you reached number five, you began to find it difficult. Since Mersat Real Estate Company cares about the convenience of the client, it does all these procedures on your behalf and prepares the required documents in order to acquire Turkish citizenship. As for you, our dear customer, just prepare your budget, sit in the car we allocate for you, and enjoy the journey of real estate investment with us.
Marsat Real Estate Company provides many offers to the investor as it puts in his hands a knowledge refined by life experiences. Moreover, it helps the client choose the best for him according to his taste and budget. If you need further inquiries, please contact us through our numbers provided on our website
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Outdoor Pool
Turkish Bath
Indoor Parking
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Children's playgrounds
Steam room  
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