Metrobus the fastest way of transport on the land of Istanbul

Last Updated: 2022-09-20
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Istanbul's Metrobus

     In a city that is heavily populated and millions of tourists flock to it just as Istanbul, it is necessary to take quick and appropriate measures to solve this dilemma.

In this regard, the Turkish Government never hesitated to give its best as it did all it can to meet the needs of the people. Thus, it worked to establish bridges and expand roads following the latest technologies in traffic engineering to relieve pressure on the roads.

Not only that, but it provided the city with large express buses and established tramways and metros, the most prominent and fastest of which is the Metrobus.


Since Mersat Real Estate Company is concerned with providing its clients with all the information they need in Turkiye, the editorial team at Mersat Real Estate has prepared this article to provide you with all the details about Istanbul's Metrobus.


In this article, you read:

- What is the Metrobus?

- Many stations along the two continents.

- No congestion and no regrets.

- Flats near the Metrobus; a successful and valuable investment that shows the investor’s astuteness.

- Mersat Real Estate is your safe haven.


What Is the Metrobus?

When looking at the origin of the word, we find that it consists of two words, the metro and the bus. Hence, the idea of combining the speed of the bus with the places allocated to the metro arose. Thus, the Turkish government has created a busway through which this express bus passes without stopping or being obstructed by other vehicles and cars.


Many Stations along the Two Continents:

The bus way was limited at the beginning of its operation in 2007 between two districts: Avcılar, where the campus of Istanbul University for engineering departments, and  Topkapı.


Due to its great importance, it was extended eastward to reach Zincirlikuyu in Beşiktaş, and then to Söğütlüçeşme station in Kadıköy in the Asian part of Istanbul.

In 2012, it was extended westward to Beylikdüzü.


Thus, the length of the busway is 50 km and contains 45 stations, with eight basic buses, namely:

  1. 34: it connects Avcılar and Zincirlikuyu.

  2. 34 A: it connects Söğütlüçeşme and Cevizlibağ in Zeytinburnu.

  3. 34 AS: it connects Avcılar and Söğütlüçeşme.

  4. 34 BZ: it connects Beylikdüzü and Zincirlikuyu.

  5. 34 C: it connects Beylikdüzü and Cevizlibağ.

  6. 34 G: it connects Beylikdüzü and Söğütlüçeşme, but it works at night only between 10 pm and 6 am.

  7. 34 U: it connects Zincirlikuyu and Uzunçayır in Kadıköy.

  8. 34 Z: it connects Zincirlikuyu and Söğütlüçeşme.


No Congestion and No Regrets:

The congestion in Istanbul has decreased significantly thanks to this means of transport and the traffic jams, which were culminating with the beginning of the work of employees and students of schools and universities, and after schools and the close of business, due to a number of reasons:

  1. The busway is separated from the rest of the vehicles and wagons, hence only the specific buses are allowed to pass through this route.

  2. Metrobus buses are high-speed, modern, mostly Mercedes-Benz.

  3. The size of the buses is large enough to accommodate many people.

  4. Some buses run on electricity as Phileas buses.


Taken together, these reasons have made the Metrobus the number one means of transport in Istanbul, which is witnessing traffic congestion everyday.


Flats Near the Metrobus; a Successful and Valuable Investment That Shows the Investor’s Astuteness:

There is no doubt that purchasing a flat in Istanbul near the Metrobus is one of the best and most successful investments ever, and it is one of the excellent options for a strong investment start, through which you may achieve qualitative leaps and great profits. So why is it so?

  1. Move between the Two Parts of Istanbul Quickly:

The fact that Istanbul's Metrobus connects the Asian and European sides of Istanbul, in addition to its intersection with metro stations and tramways, means that you can reach all parts of Istanbul quickly and easily.

  1. Many Services Near You:

You can access many prominent shopping malls such as Marmara Park, Torium and Cevahir, as well as all the service facilities of huge stores such as Migros and Carrefour, as well as police stations, schools and hospitals.

  1. The Project of the Era and the High Investment Value of Real Estate:

Thanks to the Istanbul Canal project, which will pass through the E-5 expressway, which has stimulated many construction companies to establish real estate projects and residential units of high quality and compete with each other to meet the demand of the investor. As a result, many housing options are before you.


With the opening of the Istanbul Canal, the value of real estate in the surrounding areas will rise, making investing in it hugely profitable. Hence, the one who seizes the opportunity is intelligent.

  1. However You Invest in It, You Win:

You can resell them and make profits up to double or triple their value, or rent them out and achieve a monthly revenue very easily, because of the high demand for them. You can even get Turkish citizenship when you purchase one or more properties worth 400,000 US dollars.


Mersat Real Estate Is Your Safe Haven:

Mersat Real Estate Company's team includes a veteran team with decades of experience in the field of real estate and real estate investment, as well as a good reputation and close relationships with most construction companies. Not only that, but it puts in your hands an infinite choice of flats for sale in Istanbul or any other province in Turkiye.

Although our company's main headquarters is in Istanbul, our access radiate to all regions of Turkiye whatever your request.


Mersat Real Estate has pioneered in the real estate market outperformed the counterparts of other companies by far of seriousness and continuous work to achieve the client satisfaction.


     Mersat Real Estate Company is pleased to provide you with all the information that will inform you of everything related to Turkiye in general and the real estate market in particular. You can contact us via WhatsApp or via our website and request any inquiry regarding the purchase of real estate in Turkiye or the investment of real estate, please do not hesitate to contact.

Edited by Mersat Real Estate Team ©

Last Updated::2022-09-20

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