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All you need to know about Turkish citizenship

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All you need to know about Turkish citizenship

Turkish citizenship is one of the options that many investors and people around the world do not hesitate to choose, based on its strength and global prestige, especially since Turkey is one of the ideal integrated countries that provides a distinguished life. But what are the means of obtaining Turkish citizenship? What are the most important advantages of obtaining it? And who are the nationalities that most want to have it? Many details related to this topic can be learned through this article prepared by the Mersat Real Estate team, in which you will read: 
* The most prominent ways to obtain Turkish citizenship:
Real Estate Investment 
- business investment 
- bank deposit 
- Marriage with a
Turkish citizen 
- Special or exceptional cases 
- By obtaining a work permit 
* The most important information related to obtaining Turkish citizenship 
* Why is real estate investment the best
way to obtain Turkish citizenship? 
* What are the
conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship
* What encourages obtaining Turkish citizenship? 
* Stages of nationalization in Turkey 2021 
Frequently Asked Questions About Turkish Citizenship

The most prominent ways to obtain Turkish citizenship: 
Real Estate Investment :
Real estate investment is the most prominent means of obtaining Turkish citizenship, because it is the easiest, as it is only required that the price of the property be Four hundred thousand dollars with a pledge not to sell it before three years have passed from the date of its purchase, especially since the Turkish government has made the mentioned amount in its current form after it was a million dollars in the past. 
Business investment: A number of investors prefer to obtain Turkish citizenship through commercial investment, which only requires that the invested capital be at least five hundred thousand US dollars. 
Bank deposit: Turkish citizenship can be obtained through a bank deposit in a bank in Turkey, provided that the deposited amount is not less than five hundred thousand US dollars. 
Marriage to a Turkish citizen: Obtaining citizenship through marriage is not only limited to Turkish citizenship, but also applies to most nationalities around the world. But Turkey requires a proof to be provided that this marriage is real and not only for the purpose of citizenship. 
Special or exceptional cases: Turkish citizenship can be obtained in some special or exceptional cases, such as a person who presented an invention or achievement to the Turkish state, such as introducing it to technology, economy, culture and sports factories. 
By obtaining a work permit: Anyone who has resided under a work permit in Turkey for a continuous period of five years can obtain Turkish citizenship.

The most important information related to obtaining Turkish citizenship: 
1 - In order to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, care must be taken that the property belongs to a Turkish citizen. In this context, it should be noted that there is a need to ascertain whether the property owner had another nationality before Turkish nationality, as it should not be the same as the nationality of the foreigner. 
2 - The property owner can sell it after three years from the date of purchasing the property to any foreign or Turkish person, so there is no problem with that. But it must be noted that if a foreigner buys it, he cannot obtain Turkish citizenship under it, as the purchase must be made from a Turkish exclusively. 
3 - If Turkish citizenship was obtained and later it was discovered that this had been done by forgery, fraud and alteration, it will be withdrawn directly.

What is the importance of obtaining Turkish citizenship? 
1 – First of all, Turkish citizenship enjoys an advanced global status as a result of its importance and advantages and what it offers to those who hold it. Therefore, we can see that the demand for it is constantly increasing. 
2 - Those who hold Turkish citizenship will obtain a Turkish passport, which entitles its holder to cross many countries around the world quite easily and without committing to many restrictions. Whoever holds a Turkish passport will be able to enter 77 countries around the world without the requirement to obtain a visa. There are also more than 40 countries that grant a Turkish passport holder a visa upon arrival at their airports. Moreover, there are about 8 countries that grant the holder of this passport a visa to enter it via the Internet. 
3 - The father, mother, and children who are not over the age of eighteen will obtain Turkish citizenship. As for those who have exceeded this age, they will be granted temporary residence. 
4 - One of the most prominent advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship is that it allows the foreigner to retain his mother nationality without giving it up, thus being dual nationals. 
5 - A foreign citizen with Turkish citizenship will get all the benefits that a Turkish citizen enjoys, and he will have the same rights and duties. One of his most prominent rights as a Turkish citizen is that he will be able to vote in general elections and apply for distinguished and prestigious job opportunities. 
6 - When obtaining citizenship, relatives can be invited to Turkey as any Turkish citizen, and it will be possible to enjoy all the services that the Turkish citizen enjoys, such as educational and health, at reasonable costs and prices; as the hospitals and educational institutions of the Turkish government are completely free, while those belonging to the private sector are with reduced costs. 
7 - It is possible to work with any party in Turkey without obtaining a work permit from certain parties, and this leads us to the possibility of working freely within the Turkish territory without any restrictions. The investor will also be able to link his business that is located inside Turkey with those outside it.

Why is real estate investment considered the best way to obtain Turkish citizenship? 
Recently we can see that many people and investors are choosing real estate investment as a way to obtain Turkish citizenship. In the past year 2020, more than 36 percent of those who came to own real estate in Turkey aimed to obtain Turkish citizenship for many reasons, the most important of which are: 
•    Real estate in Turkey is a golden investment opportunity with guaranteed returns, based on a number of factors, the most prominent of which is the tourism factor, as Turkey hosts every year huge numbers of tourists who go to its tourist destinations and distinctive historical landmarks. 
•    Real estate prices in Turkey are considered appropriate and distinctive for different budgets, in contrast to the prices that exist in other countries such as the European Union or the United States of America. 
•    Real estate in Turkey is characterized by high quality and luxurious specifications, as it is built according to international standards of building and construction and according to the latest architecture trends that arise in the world while maintaining the Turkish touch. 
•    The Turkish government has provided a lot of facilities in the real estate sector, most notably tax cuts that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, in addition to the ease of ownership procedures, which can be done in just a few days. 
•    Real estate in Turkey is a great guarantee, as the buyer must extract the real estate appraisal document that prevents him from being a victim of fraud or real estate manipulation, as one of its most important functions is that it determines the price of the property with great accuracy by specialized committees. 
•    The Turkish government supports the real estate sector and provides a lot of facilities to it, and the most prominent thing it has provided in this regard is tax cuts. There are a number of cases in which tax exemption is granted, such as those who buy a property within the industrial zones will be exempted from the tax incurred on the property in the first five years. Moreover, the procedures that lead to ownership are considered easy and simple, as all things can be done within days. 
•    It has become possible to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying a property for the mentioned amount, after it was a million US dollars in the past.

What are the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship? 
- He must be above the legal age and must be of sound mind. 
- It is important that he has a knowledge of the Turkish language, and he must have a stable income that is sufficient for himself and his family. 
- He must have resided in Turkey for five consecutive years without any interruption. 
- He must bring a document proving the sincerity of his intentions to reside and actually settle in Turkey, which means that he owns a real estate, a company, or has an investment. 
- He should not pose any threat to public security in Turkey. 
- He should not be a carrier of a communicable disease in order to maintain public safety in the country.

What encourages obtaining Turkish citizenship? 
There are a number of factors that have encouraged many people and investors around the world to choose Turkish citizenship over other nationalities around the world, most notably: 
Geographical location: Turkey enjoys a unique geographic location as it is at the center of three of the world's continents and overlooks the most important seas, as well as extending within two distinct continents, Asia and Europe. Due to its distinguished geographical location, Turkey was the Arab's first choice, as it is close to the Arab world, which makes transportation to and from it very easy. 
General stability: Turkey enjoys general stability at various levels, especially the economic aspect, as it continues to achieve outstanding results, and its importance has emerged clearly in the current year, as according to many sources, it is expected to record a growth of ten percent. Moreover, it is distinguished on the political level and has distinguished relations with many countries around the world, and today it strives to improve it with some other countries. Turkey has social stability as its people are cohesive and loving, in addition to the possibility of rapid integration with foreigners. 
Development in all walks of life: Turkey is characterized as witnessing general development at all levels and in various fields, especially at the medical and educational levels, as it has achieved outstanding results in both. As a result, it receives every year thousands of students from different parts of the world in order to learn among its universities, and it also receives thousands of people looking for special treatment in rare specialties.
Stages of nationalization in Turkey 2021: 
One of the most important elements that must be available in order to complete the nationalization process in Turkey is that the applicant is obligated to bring all the required papers and documents, which are: 
- The original passport and a copy of it, translated and certified by the notary public. 
- Birth certificate, residence permit and personal photos. 
- If the applicant is married, he must submit all documents confirming identity and family ties. 

How to obtain a Turkish passport in 2021: 
The Turkish passport can be obtained for five consecutive years without leaving the country for a maximum period of six continuous months, but before that all these conditions must be met: 
- A medical report must be issued and it must be free of communicable or contagious diseases. 
- He must have a good knowledge of the Turkish language. 
- He must be of good reputation among the people, i.e. of good behaviour. 
- Proof that he has a stable and sufficient source of income for himself and his family. 
- He must renounce his mother's nationality if his country does not allow its citizen to have dual nationality. 
- There should be no criminal record or any open administrative grounds, especially in tax matters.

Why is the real estate appraisal document an important element when wanting to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate? 
In this context, it is important to realize at the outset that the real estate appraisal document was imposed only on those who wish to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership, but now everyone who wants to buy a property must obtain it as it is of great interest as it determines the price of the property with great accuracy and limit the investor to be a victim of real estate fraud.
The most important frequently asked questions in the field of obtaining Turkish citizenship: 
1 - When a purchase is made in Turkey in order to obtain Turkish citizenship, will all family members obtain it? 

Yes, children will definitely get it if they are not over the legal age and the wife will also. 
2 - I own more than one property in Turkey. Can I obtain Turkish citizenship according to them? 
A foreigner can obtain Turkish citizenship if he owns more than one property on Turkish land, provided that their total price is 400.000 dollars or more. 
3 - Can a foreigner own what he wants of real estate in Turkey? 
Perhaps this question is on the minds of many people with big money, they should realize that they are not allowed to own more than thirty hectares in various parts of Turkey, and they are not allowed to own more than ten percent of the area. In this context, the property must not be located in security or military areas. 
4 - Does a person who obtains Turkish citizenship have to perform military service? 
This matter varies according to the person’s status; If he had performed military service in his country, he would not have to perform it in Turkey, or if not, he should perform it. Moreover, if he obtained it when he was over the age of 22, he is not obliged to perform military service even if he did not perform it in his country, and the rule that says that he must perform it applies to those under the age of 21. 
5 - Can a foreigner buy a property in Turkey and obtain Turkish citizenship without being present in person? 
Among the many facilities provided by the Turkish government in the field of obtaining Turkish citizenship is that it allowed the foreigner to own a property without leaving his country, and this is done via the Internet in cooperation with one of the famous real estate companies that own websites and then authorize it and it will take care of all the procedures and other details . 
6 - Can a foreigner reside in Turkey during the period of obtaining Turkish citizenship? 
During the stages of obtaining Turkish citizenship, foreigners can reside in Turkey under a residence permit, which is real estate residence; It is extracted after purchasing a property and obtaining the title deed. It is one of the best types of residence permits in Turkey, as it offers many facilities for those who hold it, most notably the freedom to move between Turkish states without restrictions. 
7 - When you want to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership, how should you pay for the property? 
In this regard, we must point out that the price of the property must be paid through a Turkish bank by transferring the amount from the buyer's account to the seller's account.

The most important advice that should be taken into account when buying a property in Turkey to obtain Turkish citizenship: 
The real estate market in Turkey is wide and large, and a foreigner who does not have experience in real estate in Turkey will not be able to buy a property on his own, as a result of his ignorance of many details, laws and regulations of this country. Therefore, it is always recommended to use a reliable, important and widely known real estate company in the Turkish market, as it provides its customers with the best real estate opportunities that suit their desires and their financial budgets as well. 

Distinguished real estate companies accompany their clients in all their real estate steps as they are waiting for them at the airport and continue until they receive the property. It also stays with them until after the completion of the acquisition process, as it is responsible for managing real estate, bringing tenants and providing the highest investment returns. 
But in this context, it is advisable not to choose a company that is not distinguished or famous in order not to fall into the trap of real estate fraud. The importance of the real estate company that is being dealt with can be ascertained by looking at the number of properties that were sold through it, and it is also necessary to refer to clients who have previously dealt with it.

How can I obtain Turkish citizenship through the online portal? 
It is now possible to obtain Turkish citizenship online through a portal launched by the Directorate of Civil Status of the Ministry of Interior for people who have fulfilled the required conditions. This method is available not only for those who reside outside Turkey, but also for local residents. The importance of obtaining Turkish citizenship through the online portal is that it shortens this time and effort, in addition to that, through it, the required papers and documents become less. The Turkish government has supported this method in order to achieve its vision that it seeks to reach in 2023 in digital transformation within Turkish ministries. 

What are the stages of obtaining Turkish citizenship? 
The legal stages of obtaining Turkish citizenship according to the Turkish Constitution are five: 
•    The first stage: whoever finds himself fulfilling the conditions required for obtaining Turkish citizenship must submit an application. 
•    The second stage: the application will be transferred from the Immigration Department to the Civil Status Department. 
•    The third stage: The applicant will be searched and investigated in terms of security, and this is done on a large scale in order to gain knowledge of all the information related to him. 
•    Fourth stage: At this stage, the rejection or acceptance will be announced, and then the result will be sent to the Immigration Department. 
•    Fifth stage: This is the last stage in which the process of obtaining citizenship from the (General Directorate of Personal Status) will be completed.

What are the most popular nationalities for obtaining Turkish citizenship? 
Turkish citizenship, with all its privileges, has resonated with many foreigners around the world, but Arab nationals have been the most eager for it, for the following reasons: 
Arabs are considered one of the most upcoming nationalities to own real estate in Turkey because they have found among them many commonalities such as customs, traditions and some social systems, in addition to the common religion. In addition, Turkey has a distinct cultural atmosphere that enriches the foreigner's cultural and scientific encyclopedia. 

The cost of living in Turkey is reasonable and low, especially if it is compared with the costs of living in other countries such as America or the European Union. 
Conclusion: Obtaining Turkish citizenship is not an absurd desire that lies with foreigners, but rather as a result of all the privileges it offers and as a result of all the mysteries and secrets that it carries with it, there are those who consider it a golden card in order to reach a better life. 
Finally, you should know that you will obtain Turkish citizenship in just three months. Do not hesitate to contact Mersat Real Estate, as we will be with you in all your steps.

Last Updated::2022-08-07

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