The Importance of Small Apartments in Real Estate Investment in Türkiye

The Importance of Small Apartments in Real Estate Investment in Türkiye

Last Updated: 2022-07-20
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The Importance of Small Apartments in Real Estate Investment in Türkiye

Small apartments have always been an option for many people who want to settle down, especially those who have a limited budget and a small family, as you can see how they create amazing solutions to exploit these small spaces.
But, have you ever thought about taking advantage of small apartments in real estate investment in Türkiye? Why not, since Türkiye's real estate market is diverse and the choices are endless.
From this point of view, this report is prepared by the editorial team at Mersat Real Estate explaining how to benefit from the purchase of small apartments in Türkiye and their importance in real estate investment.
In this article, you read:
- Types of small apartments.
- The advantages and specifications of small apartments in Türkiye.
- The most suitable option for low-income people.
- The role of small apartments in real estate investment in Türkiye.
أهمية شراء شقة صغيرة في الاستثمار العقاري في تركيا
There are three common types of small apartments:
  1. Studio Apartment (1+0):

The studio apartments consist of a small bathroom, a large room with a mini kitchen, a small bed, a closet, as well as a sofa. Studio apartments are very similar to hotel apartments, but of course they are less expensive.
Studio apartments are the most common choice for those who do not need large spaces or want to live alone, such as students and single adults students who seek simplicity and have a limited budget. In addition to the privacy and security that are  available in studio apartments compared to student housing. 
  1. One Bedroom Apartment (1+1):

This type of apartment is also a good option for those with a better budget that allows them to purchase a 1+1 apartment instead of a studio and have more space. All your things need not be in one room, as there is a separate bedroom and a living room. Just like the elderly who live alone with their spouses and do not need large spaces as they do not want a small house. 
  1. Two Bedroom Apartment (2+1):

These apartments consist of two bedrooms, a living room and a separate or an open kitchen, as there is a great demand for it by citizens and foreigners alike. Most families with three, four or five members -- the most common number of families -- are eager to purchase them. 
Obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying a small apartment in Istanbul
  • The Advantages and Specifications of Small Apartments in Türkiye:

Small apartments have many advantages, most notably:
  1. Small apartments are often located in city centres, where prices are slightly high and large apartments are difficult to buy.
  2. This type of apartment is widespread in Türkiye, therefore it is easy to get a suitable apartment at a cheap price.
  3. Giving you the opportunity to use decorative tricks to exploit the spaces and turn it into a small paradise.
  4. The smaller the apartment is, the easier to clean and arrange, hence, saving time and effort.
  5. It is easy to move to another house, so there are not many items that need to be moved.
Many customers with a limited budget and looking for stability ask for our advice in search of a suitable home and we say to them: when it comes to your home, the bigger is not always better, for a number of reasons:
  1. The prices of small apartments in Türkiye are very low, especially if compared to America or European countries.
  2. Save money where you will not need too much furniture and decorations.
  3. Electricity, heating and cooling bills will be much lower than in big apartments.
  4. Its small area helps you to get rid of the habit of hoarding and make you buy just what you need, thus it saves your budget.
  5. Usually, the smaller the size of your apartment is, the lower the price will be, so the taxes will be lower. 
  • The Role of Small Apartments in Real Estate Investment in Türkiye:

An investor who owns a little money and wants to double it can take advantage of small apartments in Türkiye by investing in real estate, where:
  1. Can be rented out as empty apartments or even furnishing it and get a good monthly return.
  2. Small apartments are the most sought after for those who are looking for hotel apartments in Türkiye, so that small furnished apartments can be invested in tourism, providing the owner with a huge financial return in foreign currency.
  3. The high demand for them makes them easy to sell, especially since the Turkish real estate market is active.
  4. There are many high value small apartments in Türkiye, therefore they can make big profits when resold.
  5. Getting a real estate residence permit in Türkiye when purchasing a property worth US$75,000.
  6. You may be eligible for Turkish citizenship if you purchase one or more apartments worth $400,000.
     Endless options and offers provided by Mersat Real Estate to get the best property and apartments in Türkiye. The team of Mersat Real Estate does not hesitate to provide its advisory services to its valued customers, by using contact numbers on the Mersat's website.
Edited by Mersat Real Estate Team ©

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Last Updated::2022-07-20

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