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The company seeks to provide an integrated system of real estate services, with a policy of quality to ensure the client’s benefits, and completed satisfaction with the product and the company's service package is continued to the Post-sale phase with high professionalism.
The company puts in its priority list the complete client’s
satisfaction and seeks to renew and develop its services constantly in order to keep their customers completely reassured during the period of their accommodation or absence from the property or their desire to invest it and here we offer you a comprehensive presentation of our most important services .

Real Estate Tours
Mersat Real Estate Group wants to be fully aware of the details of the real estate trading movement and would like to accompany you on outdoor tours to closely examine the real estate projects.
We recognize the importance of educating our clients, providing them with accurate and supportive data and studies that monitor real estate trading in the market. From making the right buying decisions based on the accurate market knowledge and personal experience, which became possible by our free real estate tours in Turkey and our rich tour and educational program to help our client see Turkey's civilization and its historical legacy, coupled with an unparalleled urban renaissance in the Middle East.
Our program usually runs in the following order:
Reception | Welcome to your second home 
Your experience starts with us from the moment you arrive to the airport, where one of our employees will be with VIP car to welcome you in front of the arrival hall to take you to the hotel to take a break and enjoy the finest hotel services, and then we are honored to invite you to dinner with a manager of Mersat company .
Coordination | (Your rest first)
Welcome to visit one of the branches of the company to inform you of the near-real estate projects and we advise you the available options at your request and then coordinate together the program of real estate tours and tourism tours to suit your convenience as we inform you of the accompanying employee in your tours,
which include the most important historical and tourist attractions : (Palaces - museums - shopping centers - cafes - mosques - trade and business centers - guided tours in the city)  

Daily Real Estate Tours | (With you step by step) 
Mersat has a wide range of projects and strong relationships with the best and most trusted property developers in Turkey. 
Our real estate tours include the most prominent real estate (residential apartments- commercial hall - villas - lands) that accept your request and fits your taste. If you don’t have a desire to buy, or didn’t like any project of the diverse and extensive projects, So that Mersat take its real estate reception and departure fees and real estate tours, but in case it was agreed on the property and write a contract with the owner of property and the payment of financial dues, Mersat real estate will take the following expenses:
1. 3-day hotel reservation fees.
2. Reception and departure expenses at the airport as well as travel in Turkey.
3. Real estate daily tours to our project’s fees.
4. Full budget of tours to the most beautiful and beautiful monuments in Turkey.

Important Note:  
Mersat company management pays your attention that our services are conditional. In order to obtain the previous benefits, that the property must start from $ 200,000, The client should coordinate with the customer service office at Mersat before coming to Turkey
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