Realestate Management

The company seeks to provide an integrated system of real estate services, with a policy of quality to ensure the client’s benefits, and completed satisfaction with the product and the company's service package is continued to the Post-sale phase with high professionalism. The company puts in its priority list the complete client’s
satisfaction and seeks to renew and develop its services constantly in order to keep their customers completely reassured during the period of their accommodation or absence from the property or their desire to invest it and here we offer you a comprehensive presentation of our most important services .
 The real estate management service in Post-sale phase includes:

1 - Support and Management Services:
1 - The implementation of final finishing and selection of designs and internal furniture, according to the latest
modern decorations under the direct supervision of the engineers specialized in the company with insurance that our customer gets the best prices offers from the finest Turkish furniture companies.  
2 - Payments of annual Commitments to the municipality on the property and payment of monthly bills and service revenues regularly.
3 - Management of contracts of tenants and follow-up legal affairs on behalf of the owner.
4 - Collect rents from tenants and send them to owners.
5 - Follow - up procedures and legal transactions of the property
6 - Public space management and exploitation to increase revenues.
7 - inspect the property periodically and maintain and maintain during periods of absence of the owner of the property.
8 - Preparation of periodic reports on case of the property is signed by the employee of the company responsible
for inspecting the property periodically.
9 - Service of processing the property before housing.

2 - Forecast of price movement and financial feasibility of the property:
In a promising market with lucrative investment opportunities such as the Turkish real estate market, where demand for supply is consistently high, you need periodic reports on real estate liquidity in the market.
In Mersat we inform the client of all expectations of the Turkish real estate market of high or low prices, at the latest studies and annual reports, to ensure that proactive measures are taken in the movement of real estate trading.
We provide feasibility studies for investors of all types, whether preliminary or detailed, in all phases.
Our team specializes in collecting market data and its information and estimating the profitability ratios of projects to provide marketing, profitability and financing studies for projects, which serve as a compass that enables our clients to determine their options based on concrete facts and precision estimates.
Mersat company appreciates your trust in it, so it provides a big effort to guide you to the right investment decision that is best suited to you and based on well-thought-out scientific approaches that give you a good idea of ​​the technical, economic, profitability and marketing aspects of the projects. 

3 - Follow - up of real estate projects in the construction phase:
Real estate under construction constitutes a better investment option than the ready-made property because of the increased profit margins and the receipt of all new properties, as well as the premium offers and discounts that attract more customers. However, it may be of concern to our customers to match the finished property with the specifications offered before Implementation Here is our role in following up on the status of real estate under construction periodically.
We provide the client a clear vision and detailed reports of the phases of completion of the project, before and during the construction until full implementation, which we continue to transfer the installments incurred periodically to prevent their accumulation.
Mersat offers its premium services package for free and is officially documented between Mersat Real Estate and the client. The company is committed to clarifying the terms of management and the rights of the client, and here the company take over the management of property officially.
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