Turkish citizenship

 Obtaining another citizenship is a necessity for many people, especially for those who belong to countries whose passport classification is relatively weak, or for their own special reasons. Half of the countries around the world have their standards to grant their citizenship for foreigners by investment, still Turkey is the best choice for Arab investors. Hence, this is one of the reasons why Mersat investment group has opened an investment branch in Turkey "Mersat Real Estate" to be one of the most important real estate companies in Turkey. Thanks to its professional team who offers systematic consultation regarding real estate, based on legal foundations and an acquired experience by more than 450 applications for Turkish Citizenship, through:
  • Investment programs
  • Bank deposit
  • Real estate ownership
  At Mersat Real Estate, we have a professional team of engineers, real estate advisors and lawyers who provide the best investment services and management in accordance with Turkish Government Law. Where they conduct extensive studies on cultural and real estate maps of Turkey's provinces in order to comprehend the specific requirements for each one of our customers, and their urgent needs to obtain Turkish Citizenship with their families within punctual and legal guidelines. Since January 2017, we have given advice and perfect solutions to our customers who are interested in the Turkish Citizenship by investment (TCBI), throughout promising investment programmes. As we have successfully led our customers to obtain Turkish Citizenship along with satisfying investment returns that suit the customer's aim. 
Our clients are of different nationalities
Since 2017, we have served 450 clients who have acquired Turkish Citizenship by investment through the three investment methods: Investment programs - Bank deposit - Real estate ownership. And they were of the following nationalities: "Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Algeria, Egypt, Palestine, Morocco, Syria, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Algeria, Malaysia, Bangladesh". As well as Asian countries: "China, India, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, 
Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan". In addition to African countries: "Nigeria, Ivory Coast, South Africa" and others.
  For those who want to get Turkish Citizenship through investment, you can rely on the team of Mersat Real Estate company entirely, since our team will stand by you through all procedures and follow all steps required seriously. As well as, they will control executive and legal procedures in opening bank accounts, reviewing properties and their sale transactions, and other elaborate and sensitive tasks in the Republic of Turkey.
Mersat Real Estate Company is officially licensed by the Turkish Government and registered in the Turkish Land and Property Department, along with an expert and legal real estate advisory team who has a high experience in the field of real estate investment and Turkish Law.
We are pleased to give advice to our clients so they will be able to obtain Turkish Citizenship by investing in Turkey. 
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