All that matters to you about buying an apartment in Turkey in 2020-2021

Last Updated: 2022-07-20
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When you decide to buy an apartment in Turkey or any property, you should inquire about the advantages and disadvantages of this property, and you should also know the Turkish areas within the cities in terms of the best and most quality; Recently, this issue has preoccupied many, especially after Turkey gained many people who wish to own real estate in it, either for the purpose of housing and stability or for the purpose of trade and investment. 
Advantages of buying a property on the territory of Turkey: 
Buying a property in Turkey has many advantages, the most important of which is that you will be residing on the land of one of the important countries that are among the number one countries in terms of strength, whether economic or cultural, and if you buy the property and live in it, you will get comfort in living, facilitating ways of life and reducing of her hardships. And if you are not willing to live in it and you bought it only for trade and investment, then also in this case you are a winner because you will make money at the end of the month through renting. But if you buy the apartment and stay in it, you will raise your children in a conservative environment that has the customs of the East and the development of the West, and this in itself is a great gain to be obtained, in addition to that you will possess a real estate residence in Turkey.
What matters most to you when buying an apartment in Turkey is to know how to distinguish between Turkish provinces and cities, and which is the best for your next step? 
Undoubtedly, as in all countries of the universe, in every country there are cities that are distinguished from others in terms of importance, the development of the economy, and the tourist activities that are concentrated in them, and of course we always find that the major cities have the largest share of advantages. In the Turkish Republic also this is the law that applies in it, we find that the major cities in it have all kinds of tourist and commercial activities in addition to the prominent urban development. If you want to buy a property in Turkey, you should put Istanbul as a goal in front of your eyes, as it is a commercial and tourist center and the cradle of culture in the country in general, as well as the city of Bursa, which is a purchasing destination for those who want to own real estate in Turkey as it is a popular and a residential place where there is nature that attracts the eyes. Antalya is a tourist destination, where many people want to buy real estate. If it is for the purpose of housing, you will definitely find that you are the winner; the tourism movement increases the economy and therefore the purchased Turkish property will profit, and if you buy this property for real estate investment so you are a winner; because you will rent the property to the tourists who will pay you money and thus you will have benefited from the consequences of your purchase of this property.
Notes to follow when buying an apartment or property in Turkey: 
However, there are things that you should pay attention to as a real estate buyer. When buying apartments in Turkey, which are offered for sale, you must be careful about signing the purchase contract, as it must be within a special legal department for this matter. Every contract signed outside it is null and void, in addition to That you should pay attention to the details of the property, as it may be very consumed, and you will pay the costs of repairing it, which will make you a loser, or you have put countless money to modify it so that it becomes the way you want. 
What are the most important things that have the greatest impact on your decision when buying an apartment in Turkey? 
When buying an apartment in Turkey, you should be careful about it, because it is a decision on which many things will be built. You will not buy and sell apartments every day, so you should be fully convinced; That is, there are no external influences that convince you of the issue, the location of the apartment in Turkey is also an important matter that should suit you and suit your aspirations. Also, the scarcity factor, as it is difficult to find an apartment you love and be easily convinced of, so there must be some difficulties that you will encounter. 
What are the problems that you will encounter if you buy an apartment in Turkey, and you want to rent this apartment instead of living in it? 
There are many problems facing a person who intends to own real estate or apartments in Turkey. The most important of these problems is that if you want to rent an apartment in Turkey, you have to deal with your landlord directly and listen to his problems and work to solve them as well. There is also the problem of non-compliance with the periodic payment of rent, and this is one of the biggest problems that can face the owner of the property in Turkey. In the event that the tenant causes damages, you, as the owner of the property, will be liable for the costs of the damages left behind by others in the apartment. A solution to this problem is to have an insurance contract between you and the tenant under which he pays a sum of money on condition that you return it to him at the end of his rental contract. Wherever you decide to buy an apartment and in any area you will choose, you will find some problems in your choice and you will certainly encounter many advantages that encourage you to continue with your decision, but before taking any step in the buying process, you must determine your options and then subject them to a careful study and then start the implementation directly. 
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Last Updated::2022-07-20

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