Trabzon City


The city of youth and sports and all dreamers of the future

Whether you're looking for a peaceful lifestyle in the heart of the beautiful nature of Trabzon, or if you're looking for an investment in lucrative financial returns in a rough environment.

From here the Silk Road begins 

Trabzon City or the port city where the historic Silk Road with the Black Sea meets to form a unique location and an ideal environment for housing and investment. Trabzon gains its importance from its location. Today it still retains its advantage on the commercial road junction near the Caucasus, Russia and Georgia. It is located at the intersection of international land and sea transport projects, as well as gateway to European and Asian crossings.

Trabzon's pristine nature

Despite its charming nature and its fantastic ruins on the shores of the Black Sea, it is still a raw environment for investment and housing. This is what tempts investors in the Arab world specifically to set up various service and tourism projects in this city, especially after the government's encouragement to move north and invest in Trabzon.

A young city and cheap labor

Trabzon is the city of youth. It is the city from which the Trabzon Sport Club, the Turkey’s main sports club is located. The proportion of youth is53%, meaning that more than half of its population is under 35 years of age.

Additional benefits

Trabzon is an ideal destination for export and has an advanced industrial structure, besides being a promising tourist city, especially with its famous lake of Uzungol, in addition to a strong infrastructure in the sectors of health, education, sport and ease of starting business, all coupled with government incentives and citizenship rights. Consider the foreign investor as a foreigner.

High quality living standards:

Even if you do not want to invest, your goal is to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and entertainment in high quality standards. Trabzon is your ideal choice because of its high quality standards. The gardens, the magnificent beaches, the modern sports facilities and the amazing shopping centers are all in one place ... Trabzon.

For more details, Trabzon is:

  • One of the fastest growing cities in Turkey, and the national economy depends on them in developing sectors such as clean technology and renewable energy. Trabzon adds to the Turkish national economy about two billion dollars a year.
  • It is famous for its striking natural scenery, especially the charming Lake of Uzungol. Besides, the city's lifestyle is excellent. There are plenty of outdoor activities and adventure activities.
  • The city is undoubtedly a city of high cleanliness and purity, which explains the Turkish government's choice of Trabzon as a hub for energy giants in the country and international transport groups.
  • The city is interested in science and learning and has the largest campus in the Black Sea basin and is expected to reach a population growth rate of about 12.2% until 2039.
  • Accelerated growth will bring more investment opportunities in the city that seems to be opened to everything.

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