buying land in istanbul 2022

buying land in istanbul 2022

Last Updated: 2022-07-20
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Purchasing Land in Istanbul

     "Buy land, they are not making it anymore" says renowned writer Mark Twain. However, the option of purchasing land is often not considered and ignored by real estate investors, as they tend to choose to buy constructed properties. Especially Istanbul, where the investor believes that there is only a little number of land to buy, or the purchase process is very complicated. 
Since everything around us has evolved, it is easy now to purchase land in Türkiye and no longer a daunting task. So is it right to purchase land in Istanbul? Can the land be invested in real estate?
In this regard, the team of Mersat Real Estate prepared this report explaining to you everything related to the purchase of land in Istanbul and its importance in real estate investment.
In this article, you read:
- Purchasing land in Istanbul is simpler than you think.
- The advantages of investing land in Istanbul.
- Land types in Istanbul.
- The most prominent areas in Istanbul for purchasing and investing land.
Turkish citizenship by purchasing land
Thanks to the age of speed, buying land in Istanbul is possible by a click from your home without moving an inch, by authorizing an expert real estate consultant from a prestigious real estate company. They are the ones who will choose the right land for you according to your budget, aspirations and purpose.
Nevertheless, Mersat Real Estate advises its customers to be aware of all the details before diving into the purchase process, it is important to know the location of the land, the nearby highways and the plans of the Directorate of Housing and Urban Development of the municipality of the region.
  1. Istanbul has a high position among many cities, with an important and exceptional location on the European and Asian continents, separated by one of the world's most important straits (the Bosphorus).
  2. You won't need periodic maintenance or protection, no one will be able to approach or steal your land after it is registered in the Land Registry and Cadastre.
  3. As real estate investors compete to purchase real estate, you can seize the opportunity to invest and buy land in Istanbul, where competition is easier and prices are lower than constructed real estate.
  4. Istanbul's land prices are constantly increasing and not falling, but it may take a few years to take advantage of the price difference.
  5. Investing land in Istanbul is inexpensive and long-term without burning a hole in your pocket, by making a plan and setting your purpose from that land.
  6. The ability to obtain Turkish citizenship after certain conditions have been met.
  • Land Types in Istanbul:

The land is divided into two types:
This type of land has not yet been included in spatial planning and construction, and can be invested through livestock farming, poultry farms and crop cultivation.
  1. Land That Is Included in Spatial Planning and Construction:
As for this type, it is subject to the plans, regulation and laws of the municipality of its area, and has borders on the map shown. The municipality has the decision to determine the type of buildings that can be built on it, such as health, commercial and industrial buildings.
  1. The Surroundings of the Bosphorus:

This area of land needs no introduction, where ancient heritage and modernity come together. The surroundings of the Bosphorus are many, most notably:
  • Beşiktaş:
Located in the European portion of Istanbul, where skyscrapers blend with ancient Ottoman heritage, you can buy and invest in land for sale however you want, which is a winning investment in any case. Even if the land is too small, you can build small apartments, furnish them, rent them out in tourist seasons and get a high return.
  • Sarıyer:
The green zone is also located in the European part of Istanbul and close to Beşiktaş. You can take advantage of this site and buy land in an excellent location and invest it in real estate, for example, build a villa, a building or even residential units depending on the area of land you will acquire, so you will have properties with magnificent views and make great profits.
  • Üsküdar:
In the Anatolian part of Istanbul and the Ottoman heritage centre, Üsküdar is located opposite the European part of the city and is connected to it by a ferry. It is primarily a residential area, therefore buying land in it, building properties there, selling them, making gains or reselling them after several years is a good choice.
  • Kadıköy:
Where the Ottoman palaces are in the Asian part of Istanbul, close to the Bosphorus Bridge, facilitate movement between the two parts of the city. There is no doubt that you can take advantage of its vital location, purchasing land in Kadıköy and investing it in real estate.
It should be noted that getting land in the areas surrounding the Bosphorus is not easy compared to the rest of Istanbul's areas, and prices vary somewhat in the areas surrounding the Bosphorus, but they are all costly and may be expensive. But thinking about the financial return you will get from purchasing land and investing in it in real estate, drives you to buy without thinking too much.
Real estate purchase offers in Turkey
  1. The Surroundings of the Istanbul Canal:

Since the AKP came to power, the Turkish government has been carrying out large-scale investment projects that benefit the rest of the country. The Istanbul Canal is one of these projects, as Sultan Suleiman's dream since the 16th century was to link the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara. Since then, all attempts to establish this canal have failed, until the day Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced in 2011 his intention to establish the Istanbul Canal.
This canal will play a major role in changing the rules of the political and economic game, as seaports, tourist areas and artificial lakes will be established around it, including:
  • Küçükçekmece:
Named after Küçükçekmece Lake, modern infrastructure, large companies and modern buildings have been built, as well as the E-5 highway.
  • Avcılar:
Located west of Küçükçekmece region, it is a vital area where the E-5 line passes, also commercial and residential buildings abound.
  • Başakşehir:
One of Istanbul's finest and most modern areas attracts local and foreign investors, thanks to its modern infrastructure and luxury residential projects, through which the E-80 highway passes.
  • Arnavutköy:
The area was established in 2008 where Istanbul Airport is located and O-7 highway passes through it, which is why it is of great importance.
The surrounding areas will be very important in real estate investment, especially since they are still under construction, therefore land prices will be cheap and will rise significantly after the completion of the project of the era.
All of these areas are new when compared to areas near the Bosphorus, so the spaces and land are large and the options are available and multiple.
You can say that real estate investment and land purchases in the areas around Istanbul Canal are promising and successful.
To sum up how important it is in a few words: the Istanbul Canal project is a necessity, not just a passing dream!
  1. Many Lands in Promising Areas:

There are areas in Istanbul whose importance is known only to real estate experts, most notably Silivri and Büyükçekmece, which are not popular with buyers because they are relatively far from Istanbul's city centre.
Nevertheless, this is a huge mistake, what if we tell you that the city centre is not limited to areas close to the Bosphorus, since the projects that are always established make for each area its own centre. In a way that the buyer can dispense with the rest of the centres.
Today, buying land in these areas will be the choice of a smart investor for those who have got a vision of the situation here, as we have seen how the remote Arnavutköy has become a very important area. Moreover, large and important projects may be established in the future, making your land more valuable, hence, huge profits that you never thought you would make.

     Purchasing land in Istanbul for patient and smart investors is a good choice, but you will definitely need a real estate company like Mersat to take your hand step by step and guarantee you the gains. The satisfaction of Mersat Real Estate Company's customers is an end that we keep in mind, so please contact us without hesitation.

Edited by Mersat Real Estate Team ©
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Last Updated::2022-07-20

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